You spend a lot of time at your work space, and of course you have a buddy who understands you, if not completely, but up to greater extent. Your office buddy spends time with you at the Café Coffee Day, multiplexes, discotheques, and bars, too! Ever thought of taking your best buddy from office to the gym?

If you have already been taking him/her out to the workout session, you must be aware about the benefits; but, if not, we let you know why to exercise with your office buddy!


Here are some of the top reasons to exercise with your workplace buddy:

• Your friend has a fair idea about your strengths and weaknesses and can help you in a far better way to achieve your fitness goals.

• Going alone can be boring for you and there are always greater chances of backing out at the last minute. Your friend acts as a support for you and vice-versa. When you know you have someone waiting for you (one of your best buddies), you’ll make effort to go ahead! Also, if you fail to reach there, be ready to listen some sweet music over the phone from your angry friend!

• Working out together in the morning session can also give you a chance to pool together to the workplace. This, in turn, can help saving fuel. Also, you won’t skip the gym or work on that day.

• Similarly, if you choose to go to gym after your working hours, your friend will be there to drag you through the workout session. The same applies to him/her.

• Your determination to go to gym won’t die. Once you notice progress in your workout sessions, you’ll be more motivated to go and spend more time in the gym. Also, at the same time, you’ll motivate your friend to do the same.

• You can inspire and motivate each other to workout harder at the gym itself. When it comes to counting that extra pull-up, your friend would be there to support you.

There are a lot of benefits of working out with your office buddy or close friend. You just have to take the first step!