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Weight benches for home should be selected after checking all the pros and cons. If you are thinking of investing in a weight bench you must first of all ascertain, whether it can provide the comfort and quality that you are looking for or not. Because spending money on something that doesn’t deliver what it is supposed to, means your money going down the drain.

Anyways, weight benches are a key component of any home gym. Today I’ll like to throw light on some of the best weight benches that are appropriate for home workouts. As you read my article, you’ll learn many things about various kinds of weight benches for a home gym.

Weight benches nowadays come in a slew of different styles. Some of the variants are flat, a few have multiple adjustments, whereas some are portable with wheels which allow easy movement around the gym floor, and include even bars for dumbbell and bar bell lifting.

Check out some top weight bench variants that are very popular today.

Ironmaster Super Bench
This is one of the highly recommended weight benches around! If you are serious about weight lifting then I recommend you should buy this one – plus it’s also a budget-friendly brand so won’t hurt your financially. Fully adjustable they allow you to do dips and pull-ups.
They are very sturdy weight benches and very adaptable. The add-on attachments (dip handles and pull-up bar) are stand apart features that you won’t find in any other weight benches in the market.

Body Solid FID 225
This weight bench variant closes easily therefore provides easy, convenient storage. It is fitted with wheels thus allow easy mobility and portability. You can easily move it all over the gym floor.

Body Solid FID 225 is great for doing dumbbell exercises as you can adjust it to 7 different incline positions. It has a solid ladder-style back support which is ideal for serious weight lifters. And to top it up the Body Solid FID225 is quite affordable.

Bayou Dumbbell Bench
If you want a small, inexpensive but a handy bench for dumbbell exercise, then just pick this one. It has a compact size, thick padding, optional dumbbell stands and a heavy duty vinyl that you will really adore.

Features like build quality, durability, and most importantly, ergonomics make all the above mentioned weight lifting benches a class apart. The above listed models are top-sellers and come at a price band that is affordable for most people. To cut the story short they are a good value for your money