Vitamin A was firstly named as a “fat soluble” and it is familiar in the 1913. It is also named as the retinol means much preferential by producers of several cosmetic stuffs for skin care which is mainly helps you in delaying the ageing process. Vitamin A is also called as the retinol acetate and retinol palmitate and it are mainly a communal name takes in compounds having biological actions of retinol that was mainly separated from the retina of the eye. This vitamin is immersed by the body when it is the form of retinol. There are plant pigments which are called as carotenoids which changed into retinol by the body with the procedure of metabolism. These pigments are mainly set up in various fresh fruits and vegetables and are tagged as ‘provitamins A’ as they are predecessors of the vitamin A. however, not all carotenoid forms obtain sufficient provitamin A actions.

The most dynamic form of the provitamins is beta-carotene; this part is time privileged matter of various clinical trials as recent years as it has strong anti-cancer action. Retinol is s fat soluble which is obtained from a couple of basis. Firstly it is found in animal sources such as dairy products, eggs, liver and kidneys and so on and secondly it has carotenoids like beta-carotene which mainly found in plants like carrots and vegetables which are dark or yellow in color.

There are some sources of vitamin A such as fortified milk, egg yolk, beef liver and cheddar cheese and so on. It is suggested that women intake 800mcg and men intake 1000mcg of vitamin A on regular basis. Vitamin A is also very beneficial for skin as it helps you to lessen the wrinkles and fine lines and age spots as well from your face. It also maintains the strong immune system. Vitamin A is also very advantageous to maintain your overall health and also enhance the white blood cells and also maintain the good health o the reproductive system. It also protects you from various infections and diseases.