a foot massageFoot massage has been a practice since ages that aims for both aesthetic and therapeutic causes. With the advancement of body care methods and scientific researches done worldwide, today you have the freedom to choose from more than 50 types of foot massages. Each of the kind has a different pattern and objectives. Since childhood, massage is said to bring strength in bones and muscles but as we grow up the necessity of foot massages diversifies with many more health needs. Foot massages have innumerable benefits, starting from rejuvenating your limbs to curing a range of neurological diseases. Most of the foot massages involve acts like rubbing, manipulating muscles, pressing and stroking in a specific manner with the fingers. The following are some of the most popular foot massages practiced globally –

Swedish Foot Massage:

Swedish Foot MassageThis is probably the most common type of foot massage, where the expert massages with soft, lengthening, light and rhythmic strokes. Sometimes tapping strokes are also used on the upper muscle layers that aim to relieve muscle tension. This kind of foot massage is known to be extremely refreshing, energizing and relaxing. Often patients with joint injury are recommended to go for Swedish foot massage. Some of the most common strokes used in this type of massage are Petrissage, Effleurage, Tapotement and Friction.

Reflexology Foot Massage:

Reflexology Foot MassageAs the name suggests, this type of foot massage is mainly based on reflex actions of the feet. Reflexology is particularly advised for the patients suffering from ankle injuries, toe pain, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. The massage techniques are especially applied to the calf, foot, and the upper leg region. Although the massage is done on the foot, you can actually feel the rejuvenation throughout the body. It is recommended that one should take at least 30 minutes rest after a session of reflexology massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue MassageAnother form of therapeutic foot massage, deep tissue massage also aids in overcoming many painful limb diseases. This kind of massage involves focussing on the stiff and painful joints  and spots of the leg and the therapist efficiently provides slow but firm pressure strokes on the muscle layers, tendons, joints and the tissues that lie deep within the legs. This is an extremely soothing form of foot therapy that is comparatively less rhythmic, but helps in the healing of the chronic muscle and tissue injuries.

Sports Foot Massage:

Sports Foot MassageBest for athletes, this type of foot massage can also be done by other people who face trouble while walking, jogging or daily activities. Sports foot massage originated in the realm of sports and fitness regime; where therapists provide different strokes and massages before, after and also during any hard core sports events. These strokes enable to bring upon greater flexibility and also helps to prevent various kinds of injuries. It has also been proved to be beneficial in treating muscle strains, sports injury, and ankle stiffness.

Neuromuscular Therapy Foot Massage:

Neuromuscular Therapy Foot MassageIf the patient is suffering from chronic pain in limbs or joints, neuromuscular therapy can prove to be an excellent natural remedy. In this type of foot massage, the therapist skillfully manipulates the soft tissues of the pain zone is and effectively treats the underlying causes of the pain occurring. Both the nervous system and muscular system are triggered by this form of foot massage and it also enhances blood circulation in the trigger points.