holiday champagne

Party buffet foods, holiday cookies to chocolate fudge cakes – our platter is full of delectable treats through the holiday season. And obviously at this time we pack some extra pounds. But, this time towards the end of 2014 you can stay slim and still have fun. Simply follow these tricks and you’ll be able to avoid gain—without sacrificing fun.

1.Focus on just one healthy habit

“I try not to give myself too many rules when at a party. Rather, I focus on a single healthy practice,” said trainer Gunnar Peterson, whose clients include Khloe Kardashian and Sofia Vergara. Either don’t drink alcohol or skip the passed appetizers or desserts, and see the difference it makes.
Create a workout willpower playlist

With so much fun to be had we never feel like doing a workout during holidays. Simply make a new playlist with this fresh spin: “Limit the total time of all the songs to the number of minutes you want to exercise,” said SoulCycle instructor Charlee Atkins. ”Then make a pledge that all you need to do is listen to the songs to get through your workout.”

2.Handle a buffet like skinny people do

Slim types by habit scout out a buffet before grabbing a plate, finds research by Brian Wansink, PhD, published in his new book “Slim by Design.” They pick a small plate, sit 16 feet farther from the buffet and are more apt to face away from the food. You can practice the same, to stay slim.

3.Make water work a lot harder for you

Carry your smartphone in one hand, and a glass of water in the other, advises celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin, author of “The Sugar Impact Diet”. “With both your hands full, you’ll likely skip whatever sugary concoction or fattening appetizer is being passed around.” To slow down consumption of alcohol make seltzer with a twist of lemon or lime, and drink it between cocktails. It also fills you up so you don’t eat as much later, explains Brett Hoebel, who has been a trainer on The Biggest Loser.

4.Follow the three-bite rule

Follow this trick to break your binge habit. For example, if you’re about to have a tart, get three bites. Use the first bite as your taste test. Is it worth another bite? If you make it to the second bite, mentally note what flavors you taste. When bite three rolls around, really savor your treat, and keep savoring it if you choose to finish it.” This trick will help you feel more satisfied—and you’ll likely not reach for tart number two.

5.Nibble like this while cooking

Sampling the cheeses while cutting and licking the frosting bowl are typical fat traps. Use this trick: Right before New York City food stylist Lori Powell gets busy in the kitchen, she’ll cut an apple into slices. “I snack on them as I cook. Apples have fiber and help me stay full, so I tend to nibble less.” To keep servings small she tastes stuff with baby or demitasse spoons.

6.Torch calories while shopping!

Adam Rosante, a trainer and founder of The People’s Bootcamp, says that a great way to burn calories is: “After each purchase, bang out 10 squats and 10 burpees,” ”While dress-shopping at the mall, knock out 12 triceps dips in the fitting room.”

7.Have a morning-after pig-out plan

During holidays we tend to overeat, especially at parties! We need to reset our body and mind ASAP so we don’t continue to feast twice, thrice, and so on. Harley Pasternak, the star trainer behind Megan Fox and Rihanna and author of The Body Reset Diet, explained: “If I’ve had a big celebratory meal, I’ll commit to walking 10,000 steps the next day and eating protein and fiber five times a day.”

8.Sip this, skip that

”Avoid holiday drinks made with eggs, butter or heavy cream, which are like two desserts with a side of alcohol,” said Cynthia Sass, RD. ‘Rather, choose simple drinks with fewer ingredients, and consciously take your time sipping rather than gulping.”

Sip: Champagne (80 calories per glass)
Mulled wine (160 calories per glass)
Skip: Cosmopolitan with candy cane (273 calories per glass)
Hot buttered rum (240 cals/11g fat per mug)