Top Ten Rules For Muscle Growth

A perfect body is a dream for most of us.A perfect body is a body that consists of a balanced amount of fats and muscles with neither too much or too low fat in the body. Gaining fats is an easy task when compared to muscle growth as to gain muscle growth, one has to take the right type of foods with a regular fitness regime.

Every body builder seeks to gain body mass.A disciplined and devoted schedule is required to build body mass unless you are on the use of steroids (these steroids have lots of side-effects).Now to gain the real muscle growth, one should follow the below given tips:

Emphasize on free weights:

Emphasize on free weightsTo add the real mass to your muscles, one should use dumbbells. Dumbbells help to make the ancillary muscles work in a right manner and help in the development of the compound mass of the body. Better results are possible when the dumbbells are used for increased number of times in mass training.

Take advantage of compound movements:

Take advantage of compound movementsOne should remember while building body mass that you need to increase the size of every muscle fiber present in the body. Most of the bodybuilders claim that a compound movement will help to get muscle separation and more separation means more muscle growth.

Search for areas of improvement:

Search for areas of improvementGo for a body analysis to determine which of the muscle groups need improvement and then make a gym plan and give focus on those body parts first.

Choose the best exercises for mass building:

Try to find out the best exercises for mass building. Follow an exercise plan which pumps up the best in muscle growth. After it, focus on the movements with the help of dumbbells and free weights as they are the best to gain body mass.

Abstain from any injury:

Abstain from any injuryTry to abstain yourself from the risk of any injury. This is possible when you start your work-out with a warm-up and increase steadily to lift the maximum weight. This is very imperative as many bodybuilding exercises come to an end because of torn pecs, slipped discs and strained erectors.

Do required repetitions:

Do required repetitionsA set of repetitions ranging from 16 to 20 sets are required per body part.Intially, repetitions of 12 to 16 sets are required to build muscles. The benefit of the workout will come up to the best when a person does the exercise till the exhaustion level. Also keep in mind that in a single day, only one body part has to be worked upon as overdoing will affect the muscle growth.

Avoid counting the number of exercises:

Avoid counting the number of exercisesAlthough there is no limit on the number of exercises. Most of the bodybuilders recommend to do four sets of at least five different exercises of a particular body part. The number of exercises you do at a time totally depends upon the seriousness of yours to build a massive body. Some of the professional bodybuilders take supplements which help to increase the endurance power and give more strength for the muscle growth.

Do optimum reps:

Do optimum repsThe best way to increase the muscle growth is to train you with many repetitions. Curl with 45 pounds for at least ten times using a medium to light weight. When the muscles are not able to move then it is necessary to pump them up.

Try maximums also:

Try maximums alsoYou can check your inner strength by maximizing one or two reps.But always remember that when one try to pound muscles with maximum weight then the chances of injury and over-training increases.So,it is better to increase the weight till you do only a single repetition. Let’s take an example to explain it in a better way. Start doing maximum bench press weight with a realistic weight and then slowly increase when you are no longer able to add more weight.

Increase protein intake:

Increase protein intakeThe growth of muscles need proteins in your diet. So include in your diet red lean meats as they have the right nutrients that help in the muscle growth. A combination of a high protein diet with the right type of workout helps in the growth of muscles.z