dental hygieneMost of us are scared of sitting in a dentist’s chair and let the dental equipments move inside our mouth. So one should take proper care of the teeth and gums and maintain dental hygiene to avoid these unpleasant trips to the dentist. Dental hygiene plays an important role in our lives as if it is not maintained then it puts us at a risk of developing bad breath,infections of the gum and tooth and the prolonged presence of bacteria in our mouth will lead to digestive problems and other problems of respiratory and heart disease.Some of the best tips on dental hygiene are given here:


BrushingBrushing at least twice a day is very important. The toothpaste should be the one that contains fluoride as this ingredient helps to prevent formation of cavities and gingivitis. The presence of abrasives in toothpaste helps to remove plaque. Plaque when not removed from teeth then it hardens and forms tartar which can be removed by the dentist only. People who have sensitive teeth should use specific tooth paste as recommended by dentists. The brush should be of soft bristles. You should replace your toothbrush every three to four months. Always clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner and the roof of your mouth with brush to maintain the dental hygiene.

Flossing :

Flossing Flossing helps to remove all types of very small particles of food that sometimes stuck between our teeth and brush is not able to remove them. You need to hold the C-shaped dental floss between your teeth and it has to be moved back and forth. Always be careful not to floss vigorously as it may damage your gums. Flossing can be done once in day preferable before going to bed. A mouthwash should also be used for rinsing twice in a day to kill all germs and prevent the formation of plaque and tooth decay.

Eat Right:

Eat RightEating plays a major role in dental hygiene. Sugar causes tooth decay. So one should avoid sugary foods that may lead to the formation of acids in the mouth. These acids remove the tooth enamel and damage the teeth. But in case you want to have sugary food then it should be done as a part of the meal as the production of adequate saliva at that time washes away these acids. So avoid eating sugar food and brush and rinse your mouth properly to avoid tooth decay. Whole grains,vegetables, dairy products,citrus fruits and foods rich in calcium and phosphorus and citrus fruits are beneficial for teeth.

Visit dentist:

Visit dentistA regular visit to a dentist is necessary to maintain dental hygiene. As the dentist helps to clean the mouth professionally. But in case you notice bleeding and swelling in the gums, then you should not delay your visit to dentist. Timely treatment helps to prevent serious dental ailments.

Quit smoking and avoid chewing hard objects:

Quit smoking and avoid chewing hard objectsThe use of tobacco and nicotine in any form is harmful for the teeth. Such products leave stains on our teeth and invites to major ailments like throat or mouth cancer.. Also you should avoid chewing any hard objects as they can damage the teeth.

Maintaining dental hygiene plays an important role in our lives. So you should take good care of your teeth, gums and tongue so that you can give a pearly white smile which gives a boost to your confidence.