vaccination childrenA lot of people who are suffering from different types of allergies is not even having apprehensions of the fact that they are allergic to certain things. Some people are allergic to certain types of foods, while some to certain substances of material. This is because these people exhibit no symptoms or mild irritation due to allergies. But if these allergies are not treated on time then they may get worse and influences health. They can prove to be fatal also. So one should be aware of several types of allergies that may occur in different seasons or due to any substance and the symptoms that prevails in such allergies.
Mold Allergy: Mold is prevalent in wet area like floors of the bathroom, tiles, walls of the garden, showers, washing machines , air conditioners vaults , fridge etc.. All these places provide an adequate place for the growth of mold which can be toxic. Some of the allergy symptoms due to mold are running nose, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, severe headaches, redness and swelling in eyes, skin rash, presence of hives, dizziness, loss of memory etc.

Yeast Allergy:

rashYeast is a fungi that may grow in our bodies and in some foods. When the growth of yeast increases then the production of anti-bodies and anti-histamines increases which leads to allergy also increases. The yeast in foods like cheese, mushroom, flour etc. also aggravates the allergic symptoms. These symptoms can be congestion of nose, ear ringing, difficulty to concentrate, stomachache, problem of digestion, diarrhea, flatulence, eczema, redness in eyes, itchy skin and eyes, thrushes on tongue etc.

Gluten Allergy:

signs of allergiesGluten is a protein substance that is present in cereals like wheat, rye, oats etc… When the food containing gluten causes allergic reactions then it is known as gluten allergy. This substance binds the dough. Some people face difficulty to digest gluten and are more prone to gluten intolerance symptoms. The symptoms of gluten allergy are bloating, indigestion, cramps in stomach, headaches, irregular and bad stools, anemia, hives, osteoporosis, swelling in  the mouth, asthma and joint pain.

Gluten allergy is one type of food allergy and some other foods that are also responsible for different types of allergy in some people are dairy products, consumption of alcohol, peanuts, shrimp, eggs, lactose and soy etc.

Chlorine Allergy:

allergic to waterChlorine allergies are allergies that are caused by the allergic reactions of chlorine that is used in swimming pools. But swimming pool is not the only place that contains chlorine as it is also present in foods, medicines, metals, paper, explosives, water purifiers and some other substances. Chlorine allergies are developed in the same ways as mold allergies that is when the immune system of our body produces antibodies to fight with chlorine packed substances. Some of the allergic symptoms of chlorine are difficulty in breathing, sneezing, suffocation, asthma, skin peeling, burning in eyes.

Drug allergy:

drug alergy Drug allergy is a type of allergy that occurs due to allergic  reactions by any medicine or drug. All individuals react  differently to a particular use of the drug as a single dose of a  drug reacts differently to different persons. Although there  are no toxic effects as the prescribed doses consider this  variation and keeps a safety margin.

The allergy symptoms of drug allergy are rashes, itching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes constipation, headaches, poor vision etc.. These well known side effects sometimes occur as a side effect due to the consumption of any drug or medication.

Sometimes it becomes hard to differentiate between an allergy and a side effect.

However, it may be easy to take these allergy symptoms of allergies as minor infections but if you will keep on ignoring them then they may prove fatal for you and lead to complications. So always administer your allergies and squeeze the bud without any delay.