hypertentionHypertension is often called as . This is because some people are not even aware of the fact that they are suffering from the problem of hypertension as they don’t experience any symptoms of this disease. It is expressed in the form of systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.The first number is systolic and second is diastolic.The normal range of high blood pressure is 120/80 mm/hg. If the systolic pressure is between 140-160 and diastolic between 80-90 then it is known as stage 1 hypertension.When this range of systolic and diastolic crosses 170 and 100 respectively then it is called as stage 2 hypertension.This stage 2 hypertension is very alarming and may cause serious damage to the patient and some of the common symptoms are headache, fatigue and nose bleeding. Although the causes are not certain but most likely it is caused due to excessive smoking,lack of physical exercise,excessive body weight ,heredity,intake of spicy and very salty food etc.Although there are various types of medications available but the best way to cure it is natural cure.Here you can check out some of the best and natural ways to cure hypertension.


The high levels of blood pressure can be controlled by garlic as it contains allicin which is anti-biotic and anti-bacterial properties. It can be taken easily in the form of raw garlic clove, garlic supplements of powder or garlic pearls. It has similar properties as of aspirin which thins the blood and controls the blood pressure. The chances of clotting of blood also reduce with the intake of garlic.


The anti-inflammatory properties of hawthorn keep a check on blood pressure.When the blood vessels in the body contracts then inflammation in the artery walls occurs.The constituents of hawthorn reduces this inflammation and controls the blood pressure of the body.This herb can be taken in the form of hawthorn extracts and supplements available in the market.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking in any form is bad for the patients of hypertension.So make sure that you avoid smoking and use of tobacco.This is because the nicotine in cigarette increase the blood pressure.In case you are addicted to use of it then try to reduce it day by day and get yourself out of it totally.

Yoga and breathing exercises:

Breathing exercise and yoga helps to control the heart rate.The people who are suffering from hypertension at a young age should involve themselves in any type of physical activity like walking, running, cycling etc. to control high blood pressure.Older people can safely do breathing exercise and yoga but other fitness workouts should be done only after medical consultation.

Autogenic Training:

Autogenic training is a type of training which helps to reduces the stress levels and relaxes the body. In this training, a person is guided to control the breathing, heart rate and body temperature.It is carried out in the presence of an expert who guides with the help of a pen, candle or verbal cues. The regular practice of this training will definitely help to people having hypertension problem.
So follow these ways and stay fit without taking any medicine that may have some side-effects on your body.