Obesity is one of the worst diseases you can acquire. Ironically, a large percentage of people around the world are obese, for one or the other reason. If you talk about figures, a person is considered to be obese if his/her body mass index (BMI) is over 30. Of course, everybody knows that an obese person is at a far higher risk of heart diseases and other illnesses. Today, we let you know some top facts about obesity. Here we go!
Fact 1:

In spite of knowing the risks related to obesity, people have not stopped overeating. Overeating continues to be one of the top reasons of obesity. According to a survey, nearly 14% of adult population of United States was obese in 1980. Ironically, this figure reached to 31% in 2000!

Fact 2:

Sedentary lifestyle continues to be part of most of people. Despite knowing the hazards related to obesity and sedentary lifestyle, the affected people do not go ahead and make the required changes to their lifestyle. People are either lazy or in hurry, and still continue to prefer lift to stairs!

Fact 3:

Excessive work and not sleeping enough is another reason that contributes to obesity. Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity through increased appetite as a result of hormonal changes. Therefore, it is always recommended to have sufficient sleep and work within limits.

Fact 4:

People who are obese or at the verge of obesity continue to stay away from regular exercise. This, in turn, puts them at an increased risk of heart diseases.