Common cold is one of the most common and frequent illnesses around. Once you contract a common cold, it will take at least a couple of days to get back to normal. Thankfully, it can be cured with help of some home remedies. Here are some of the top-notch, highly effective, and commonly-available home remedies for common cold!

Warm-Water Saline Gargles

The moment you suspect that cold is going to hit you, gargle using saline warm water. It would prevent viruses to attack your system.

Inhale Steam

Inhaling steam is one of the quickest and most effective home remedies to treat common cold. Steam opens up blocked and stuffy nose and kills germs and viruses present in the nasal tract. Be cautious while inhaling steam. Take help, if required.

Ginger Tea

Consume ginger tea 3-4 times a day on a regular basis. Not only it helps get rid of common cold, but also prevents recurrence.

Mint Tea

Research has proved mint to be highly beneficial not only for throat, but for complete ENT system. Consuming mint tea 3-4 times a day on a regular basis can help to get rid of common cold.


Garlic might not please your taste-buds, but would surely help relive that stuffy nose. Consume a couple cloves of garlic, if possible, or use it in your regular food. Garlic soup can help a great deal.

Vitamin C

Fruits and foods rich in vitamin C can also help you get relief from cold and flu symptoms. Actually, vitamin C helps strengthen your immunity and fights against infection. You can consume lemon juice mixed with a teaspoonful of honey. Vitamin C tablets can also help, if handy!

Common cold can be very irritating if it stays for prolonged periods of time. Not to mention that it also hampers your productivity a great deal. The aforementioned home remedies can help you get rid of irritating common cold and breathe a sigh of relief!