While having a flat tummy is a dream for most of the people, the ones who have it flaunt it. A flat tummy definitely looks far better than an obese, out-of-shape one. Spending hours and hours in gym and cutting down on your intake is not the ultimate resort. The key to having a flat tummy is consuming right kind of food.

Of course, exercising will expedite your efforts! Here are top 5 foods that, if consumed on a regular basis, will help you get a flat, fatless tummy!


Almonds are rich in fiber, vitamin E, protein, and antioxidants. These give your body the energy and vital nutrients it requires. One of the top benefits of almonds is these help reduce absorption of fat. Have a handful of overnight-soaked almonds every day, and you’ll surely be on your path to have a flat stomach!


No points for guessing this. Eggs are amongst the richest sources of proteins, and just a couple are sufficient to suffice your body’s daily protein needs. Prefer consuming in boiled form, as other forms can be difficult to digest and contain oil. Consume eggs on a regular basis and be ready to have a flat belly!


An apple a day will surely keep the doctor away, as it is one of the best fruits you can consume for weight loss. An apple detox diet will help get rid of toxins from your body and use the fat stores, which in turn, will make you slim. Especially beneficial to reduce the frontal and side fat layers!


Berries are one of the strongest and richest sources of antioxidants that will expedite your weight loss efforts in more than one ways. It will improve your blood circulation and help you build stamina. These are also a great source of fiber. Of course, a top-notch diet to get rid of tummy fat. Prefer consuming in form of juice or smoothie.

Leafy Greens

Most people consume leafy greens, but complain of not losing weight, only because they do not eat it in right form. We recommend consuming leafy green vegetables in nearly-raw form, like in a salad. You can even sauté a combination in olive oil and have regularly!
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