cookiesCookie recipes come in handy as cookies are all time favourite of everyone. We all love little something with our evening tea and if it is about spending an evening chit chatting with friends, then cookies are definitely good companions. It is good to know a handful of cookie recipes because cookies are very popular among kids and so if you are planning to bake cookies for your kid’s friends on his birthday, then you are sure to win everyone’s hearts.

So here are discussed, some very simple and easy cookie recipes:

Coconut-Almond Cookies:

cookie almondRoast one cup of sliced almonds in a dry skillet on medium flame, for five minutes. Chop the almonds roughly when cooled. Whisk well two cups flour, half teaspoon salt and one teaspoon baking powder. Use an electric mixer on medium-high speed and beat nineteen tablespoons of unsalted butter, half cup sugar, one cup packed light brown sugar until they form a light fluffy mixture. To this mixture add two large eggs, one teaspoon of vanilla, almond extracts and half teaspoon of coconut extracts. Beat the mixture well and stir in the flour mixture in low speed until it mixes. Add the chopped almonds and two cups sweetened flaked coconut. Spoon the dough with round tablespoons and bake.

Thumbprint Cookies:

thumbprints cookiesTake eight tablespoons of unsalted butter, one cup sugar and half cup packed light brown sugar in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer on medium speed until it forms a fluffy mixture. Add the egg yolk of one large egg, one teaspoon vanilla essence and beat well. Bring down the speed to low and mix one teaspoon salt and one and quarter cup flour to it. Then add three-fourth cup fine grounded walnuts to the mixture. Transfer the dough to baking sheet in cookie forms and in each of them makes a dent in the center using your fingers. Chill these for twenty minutes and then fill the center of each cookie with jam and bake.

Oatmeal Cookies:

oatmeal cookiesTake one and a quarter cup of flour, one teaspoon baking soda and half teaspoon salt in a bowl and whisk well. Next, use an electric mixer in medium speed and mix ten tablespoons unsalted butter, six tablespoon vegetable shortening, half cup sugar and one-half cup dark brown sugar. Now using a low speed, mix the butter mixture with the flour mixture. Stir in one-fourth cup cherries, raisins, coconuts and two cups oats. Place them down on baking sheets with rounded spoons and bake.

Peanut Butter Cookies:

butter cookiesTake a bowl and whisk together three cups flour, two teaspoons baking soda and half teaspoon salt. Use an electric mixer on medium-high speed and beat sixteen tablespoon unsalted butter; three-fourth cup sugar and  one fourth cup dark brown sugar for three minutes. Reduce the speed to low and mix two large eggs and one-half teaspoon vanilla extract. Then beat one cup crunchy peanut butter. Then into this mixture, add the flour mixture and beat in low speed. Form the dough in one inch cookies and bake.

Shamrock Cookies:

chip cookiesTake a bowl and add two sticks of unsalted butter, two-third cup sugar, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, half teaspoon salt and blend well on medium speed. Add two cups of flour and in low speed mix until it blends. Shape the dough into a disc shape, wrap it in wax paper and chill it for two hours. Soften the dough in room temperature and cut out shamrock shapes of one-fourth inch thickness and bake.