saudi man story topBurn those extra pounds and welcome your slim body. With another quick fix to slim you down, your long time problem has an answer once again. You might avail yourself certain implants to help you lose weight. Technology has offered a new alternative for you when you have almost tried all possible solutions such as diet pills, hormonal injections and even costly stomach surgeries. Take on and try your luck with these new implants.

1. i2MOVE implant

This particular type of implant is attached to your vagus nerve that links your body’s organs to your brain and communicates essential information. This implant is quite interesting as it works by signalling your brain that you should end eating. The implant does detection of chemical and electrical impulses from your gut. Upon the precept of European Research Council, professors from Imperial College in London were tasked to develop this particular implant.

2. valenTx

You may avail a gastric bypass too. This is done by reducing your stomach size in order for you to avoid eating more. However, you are not guaranteed of a hundred percent safety. This surgery may carry threats of complications that may damage your stomach. As a substitute, you may try valenTx. This works by developing an end luminal bypass that makes use of replaceable and detachable implant. No surgery is required here.

3. Abiliti

It involves such system tagged as Abiliti. This involves an array of implantable sensors that keep track when you’re eating, drinking or getting an exercise. Once it has tracked down that you’re consuming too much already, electrical impulses are transmitted to your stomach in order to provoke feelings of ampleness and makes you eat less.

4. TransPyloric Shuttle

This type of implant lengthens feelings of fullness since it reduces emptiness of your stomach. This is also an ideal pick for burning calories.

5. EndoBarrier

This type of implant takes on by providing a temporary barrier that is infused through your mouth and boils down just at the bottom of your stomach. This prohibits food from flowing down your digestive tract. The shuttle cuts down calorie absorption because the food that you take in is channelled through your intestine without digesting it.

6. SatiSphere

This is a device that has a similar shape with your small intestine that stimulates feelings of completeness. This helps fight compulsion to eat more than what your body needs.

7. Personal Stomach Pump

You might also consider another implant meant to take digested food out of your stomach. A-tube, being the name of the rubber tube, is surgically inlaid in your stomach which is bridged on the outside layer of your abdomen. After 20 minutes, your stomach undergoes aspiration process. This process removes 30% calories before your stomach absorbs it.


Another helpful device for your weight loss goal is VBLOC. The belt conveying low-powered electrical signals blocks signals of hunger to make you crave less for food. This is safer than undergoing a gastric bypass and other surgeries. Also, no cutting of your internal organs is happening making it less invasive and safer.

9. Microchip Implant

Another brilliant work of scientists’ minds designed to suppress your appetite is this microchip. When you’re infused with this magical chip, your liking to look for food becomes less. With the aid of cuff electrodes, this microchip is attached to your vagus nerve to process electrical and chemical signals. These signals tell your brain to consume only enough food.

10.Stomach pacemaker

You might also be interested with stomach pacemaker that tricks your brain into believing that you are now full. Pulses doles out as soon as you start to eat or to drink. This makes you feel full after completing a half serving of food.

Indeed, technology provides you a list of implants helpful to burn your calories. So to fight the battle of bumps, try these quick ways and achieve the curves you have ever wanted!