One of the most common drinking habits all over the world is drinking tea and coffee. Green tea has got its own significance in comparison with most of the other light drinks mainly because of its great health benefits. Along with its universally acknowledged taste value, recent discoveries have revealed its medicinal properties as well.

Its medicinal value is mainly because of the large amount of flavonoids and poly phenols present in it. Flavonoids are the anti-oxidants derived from plant. Black tea may also contain these antioxidants but in lesser amount. When black tea is processed, it includes fermentation process that excludes a good amount of these flavonoids. As for the processing of green tea, fermentation process is not included. That makes it get naturally more beneficial for health.

When you get to know the amazing benefits of drinking green tea, you might start having it regularly. Let’s have a look at some of these. 10 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea.

Lowers the risk of Cancer

The catechins present in green tea are more powerful than vitamins C and E in preventing any damage to cells due to oxidants. Thus protecting your cells from getting weaker and hence proving a better shield against different cancers.

Stay Young

Green tea also contains some antioxidants called polyphenols, these work against free radicals. If you drink green tea regularly, you will surely have a chance to stay younger for longer time.

Protect your Heart

Heart is one of the important body organs that are strengthened by green tea big time. Drinking green tea reduces the amount of bad cholesterol that is LDL and increases the good one which is HDL. Even if you have suffered a heart attack, antioxidants will prevent cell death thus speeding up the process of recovery.

Reduce your Weight

Green tea increases the rate of oxidation of fat, and intensifies metabolism as well. Hence it will reduce your weight and extra calories.

Protect your Teeth

The catechins present in green tea help destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. Thus green tea protects you big time against dental and throat infections.

Fight Diabetes

When it comes to controlling diabetes problem, Green tea is among the best cures in nature. It helps in maintaining the glucose levels in blood for eating something, thus reducing the risk of diabetes.

Regulate Blood Pressure

Research has verified the fact that regular intake of green has also helped in regulating the risk of high blood pressure.

Protect yourself from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Among the most incredible benefits of green tea is its healthy impact on brain cells. Regular intake of green tea protects your brain cell from dying and it also restores brain cells that have suffered any damage.

Reduce Depression

The amino acid present in tea leaves known as threonine is its unique medicinal quality. It has tranquilizing effect providing relaxation immediately when you have taken green tea.

Protect yourself from getting Sick

The capability of green tea having cetechins is highly appreciable when you know cetechins fight against viruses and bacteria. It is this natural power of green tea that it protects you from various diseases all around you.