Toothache is the situation where an individual experiences serious ache in the nervous linked the teeth or there is soreness on the gums and ache is unbearable and distressing. It can be cause due to the cavity or mouth diseases. Toothache is really agonizing and can disturb the daily activities absolutely. The main reasons of causing toothache are cavity in tooth, extreme intake of junk foods, chocolates and sweets and germs in tooth, poor quality of toothpaste, improper dental check ups, stress and other mental tensions. In this article will tell you some homemade recipes to deal with the toothache given below

Clove is one of the excellent ways to avoid the toothache. Clove oil or seeds helps you to kill the bacteria and other microorganisms which can disturb the tooth problems. You can put the 1 or 2 clove seeds in the mouth, this will help you to reduce the pain and give relief from toothache. You can also apply the clove oil directly or you can also put cotton ball inside the mouth on the cavity.

You can also make use of black pepper and clove oil. Mix these two ingredients and take a cotton ball and soak it and put it on the cavity in the mouth. This would help you to kill the germ and avoid the toothache.

You can also make use of asafetida to deal with the toothache. Mix the few drops of extract lemon juice in the heeng and heat this mixture and with the help of cotton ball keep it in the mouth when it cools down. This would help you to avoid the toothache. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get rid of toothache.

It is very important to drink lemon juice or juices that are extremely rich in vitamin C as they helps you to keep you gums strong and healthy. People who are suffering from gum bleeding are recommending drinking orange or lemon juice.

Prepare a mixture of mustard oil and salt and give proper massage from this mixture to the tooth jaws. This would help you to maintain the gums healthy and strong and also avoid the toothache.