Thyroid disease symptoms Thyroid disease develops when the thyroid glands that is located in the front position of the neck functions abnormally. This thyroid gland helps in the production of thyroid hormones that is very crucial to control the process of metabolism in the body. The two main diseases associated with thyroid are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. When the thyroid gland produces large amounts of thyroid hormones then it is known as hyperthyroidism and when the thyroid gland is under active and produces low level of thyroid hormones then it is called as hypothyroidism.
The people who suffer from any of these conditions find it difficult to live life comfortably as they pass through several problems. These problems can be cold feet and hands, high or low blood pressure, fatigue, lack of energy in the body, lack of sex drive. These thyroid disease symptoms are discussed in detail as below:

Skin and hair problems:

The problem of hair loss is common in people having thyroid conditions. The skin and hair are most affected one as the skin becomes dry, raunchy, thick and scaly. On the other hand, people having hypothyroidism have coarse and brittle hair that starts breaking and falling very easily. The hair of the eyebrows also starts falling. Skin becomes thin and delicate in such conditions.

Swelling in the Neck:

neck A lot of discomfort is observed in neck .Inflammation is observed on the neck.The enlarged thyroid is the reason behind this discomfort. It affects the voice of a person and it becomes hoarse.

Irregualar Bowel Movement:

Irregualar Bowel MovementThe bowel movements become irregular and constipation occurs. The chances of constipation are more in hypothyroidism. The problem of irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea is more in hypothyroidism.

Joint and Muscle Aches:

Frequent pain is observed in muscles and joints. This leads to weakness in the whole body. The general muscle pain leads to stiffness and cramps. It becomes difficult to climb stairs and hands become shaky. The problem of tendonitis is also observed in arms and legs. Some people feel a tingling sensation in the bottom or arch of the feet which is a disease known as carpal tunnel syndrome. The severity of the symptoms differs from person to person.


The energy to do any type of work reduces. The person becomes tired and exhausted early. Some people feels lack of energy even after having eight to ten hours of sleep, so sleeping is not at all solution to get rid of fatigue in people having a thyroid. The abnormal thyroid levels in the body make a person unable to sleep properly and faces problems while getting up early in the morning due to extreme fatigue.

Extreme changes in body weight:

This is a very common sign of thyroid as people suffering from thyroid tends to gain weight or lose it.Inspite of having a balanced diet and exercise, they are not able to lose weight. The patients with hyperthyroidism face weight loss even after having a proper diet.

Anxiety and panic disorders:

Depression and panic disorders is another symptom of thyroid problem. The problem of hyperthyroidism indicates panic attacks. All types of ant-depressant fail to give results when a person is under the trap of thyroid disease symptoms.

Abnormal Cholesterol Levels:

Abnormal Cholesterol LevelsIf the cholesterol levels are not in control even after taking medicines and proper diet, then it indicates an abnormal thyroid condition (hypothyroidism). When the cholesterol level is low even after taking a normal diet then it is a sign of the problem of hyperthyroidism.

Changes in Menstrual Periods:

In females, various types of menstrual irregularities arise in a thyroid condition. It can be irregular menstrual cycle, absence of menstrual cycle or excessive bleeding in menstrual cycle. All these are thyroid disease symptoms.