I have written a lot about different areas of men’s fitness including fitness nutrition, but today I am going to discuss about the basics of fitness. This time around my focus is on the core and why all men want to stay fit. You cannot turn a blind eye to fitness regardless of whether you are young or old. However, it is never too late to start.

Being in shape makes men look better, as well as feel happier. I believe men regardless of their age must try to achieve some level of fitness. I don’t say to start training like an Olympian, but it is always good to have a fit, and toned body.

The Three Building Blocks of Fitness

The first thing that men should focus on when they embark onto a fitness routine is Flexibility. In order to avoid injuries and to enhance flexibility, men must do stretches before and after a workout. The second component crucial in men’s fitness is a good cardio work out. Cardio stimulates blood pumping – boosts the capacity of your lungs, as well as their power to dispenses oxygen to your blood.

By way of stretches and cardio work outs you get to raise your levels of energy to the peak. Thus, you are able to generate high amounts of energy, that helps in accomplishing even the most strenuous tasks with complete ease. An improved blood flow also keeps your brain oxygenated that in turn raises its overall capacity for handling whatever comes its way.

The third crucial element is muscle building and strength training. Men love to flaunt a lean, toned, and muscular body to draw attention of women. Well, there is no harm in that! But, I advice to pay more attention on the cardio workouts. You can try aerobics. It helps to keep the arteries and veins open, and the cholesterol level low. Do regular cardio work outs if you want to stay young and full of energy.