Losing weight is the latest craze and people are ready to do extreme things for the same. Here are some of the diets which most of us would find impossible and disgusting.

The Feeding Tube Diet

2When we talk about feeding tubes, we think of hospital. Feeding tube is a long thin tube that is inserted through nose and reaches out stomach. The other part of the tube is provided with a small pump that continuously gives protein fat liquid diet to the body. With just drops of protein fat liquid going into our body , we would lose weight very soon but at the same time there are risks of constipation, kidney problem, dehydration and other. When this feeding tube is removed after 10 days, the person will gain back weight again.

Body Wraps

3When body gets wrapped into a body wrap for an hour or two, weight loss happens. This may give a feel that body weight is lost by few inches but that does not happen in reality. The losing weight effect is felt because of constriction happening in the body.
Ear Stapling

Many opt for elective surgery to pin back their ears so that they get a thinner looking face but surgical staples are different things. They are place in the inner part of ear cartilage for many weeks. This is a kind of ear acupuncture and these staples can suppress appetite of a person but in reality, about 20% of people get infection after doing the surgery.

The Tapeworm Diet

5Tapeworms are a kind of parasites. They will remain alive in the stomach even after you swallow them. They will feed on the food in the digestive tract so that the person does not get calories from the food they swallow. This may sound very easy but it is extremely unhealthy diet. It is very difficult to get rid of tapeworms from inside our body once they enter and they would make our body devoid of essential minerals and vitamins also.

Tongue Patch Surgery

7In this surgery, a patch is attached to tongue thus the person is forced to take liquid-diets only as chewing or swallowing is not possible. This may sound a simple solution for weight loss as food consumption is nil or minimal, there are high chances of infection and chocking.

We may look for some crazy things to lose weight but weight loss is possible through strict diet plan, regular exercise, avoiding processed food and having lots of fresh food and vegetables in our daily diet. When we plan to include anything unusual in our diet plan, we must get in touch with our doctors to know any probable risk factor of the same.