juice boxesA very small amount of air when gets into any juice box or juice pouch then molds can grow in the container.Air can enter into a juice box through a hole that’s so tiny, you can’t view it and even it doesn’t cause any leaks. But the reality is that such a puncture permits the sugars of the juice to ferment and converts the product into alcohol.
Different types of kid’s juice products are made without any preservatives and permit the mold to grow easily. A moldy, fermented juice although is not very dangerous for health but it upsets the stomach.
One should avoid drinking juices as the juice is so full of sugar and calories that it is known as a gateway drug.
Natural opiate release increases with sugar ingestion and this triggers the inclination towards sweets and other junk food. Many children fling on ice-cream, chips and other fast food as high salt and high fat foods stimulates the emancipation of pleasure-inducing opiates.

As kids drink more juices laden with sugar, more opiates releases in their body and they solicit for more juice. It is obvious that after such type of stimulation and calorie intake, kids won’t be further interested to have proper meals.

Excess of fruit juice also leads to diarrhea, flatulence and tooth decay. So substitute juice boxes with healthy foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals (without high sugar and calories) that are required by the growing kids.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the below given guidance on fruit juice regarding kids:
• Juice, not recommended for infants under the age of six months, unless advised by the pediatrician as in some cases, a small amount of fruit juice may be recommended for the treatment of constipation.
• Children in the age group of one to six years should be inclined to eat whole fruits as whole fruits offer more nutritional benefit with lots of fiber and nutrients in it.
• If you’re giving juice to your kids, then make sure that the amount of fruit juice does not exceed 4 to 6 Oz for children 1 to 6 years old and 8 to 12 Oz for children 7-18 years old.

• Never give unpasteurized juice to your kids as they may fall ill.

The above given recommendation are for 100% fruit juice and not for all types of juice drinks as juice drinks provide no major nutritional benefit.