Today many people (including children!) are killing themselves by smoking cigarettes! And every passing day more and more people are getting infected with lung cancer.

1. Don’t wait any longer. Begin cleaning your lungs with these methods right away!

Cleaning your lungs will help clean this vital organ of nicotine, toxins and tar, cut the risk of having infections and cancer, improve your lungs capacity and boost the overall health of your respiratory system.


Cleaning the lungs is advised to both active and passive smokers as well as those who live in areas with polluted air. Here are some simple, and natural ways to clean the lungs in just 3 days!

2. It is necessary to eliminate all dairy products in your diet.

Two days prior to starting this procedure, you need to eliminate all dairy products in your diet. Your body should eliminate all the toxins from dairy products before starting the process of purifying the lungs.

A day prior to starting the regime, drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. This releases toxins in the intestine that can cause constipation. You have to ensure your lungs are not overloaded with heavy work of other parts of your body, during the 3-day cleansing.

We recommend that you drink minimum 300 ml grapefruit juice. If you don’t enjoy this flavor, have pineapple juice instead. The juices are loaded with antioxidants that will improve your breathing system.


In between your breakfast and lunch drink 300 ml of freshly prepared carrot juice. Carrot juice will alkalize your blood.

Then during lunch drink 400 ml juice rich in potassium. This mineral is a powerful tonic which cleanses your system. Have 400 ml of cranberry juice before going to bed. This juice helps fight the bacteria in your lungs which can infect you.

It’s also vital to maintain proper hygiene & exercise daily to give your immune system a good boost.

Have a hot bath for 20 minutes each day. The sweating helps your body rid of more toxins. Add 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of boiling water. Stand over the bowl and place a clean towel over your head. Inhale the relaxing steam until the liquid is cooled.