Snail-Therapy“Snail therapy” is a new name in therapy list and is unveiled by Ciz Labo who is a spa operator and the concept of “live snail facial” is introduced in her salon and now she has salon branches all over Japan. This is one of the affiliate of the biggest medical and cosmetic company which declared that snail facial therapy has medical and remedial effects on the skin to retain moisture, decreases swelling on the face and helps in removing dead skin. It gives a new younger looking skin and increases the glow on the face. The snail mucus present in snail contains useful skin proteins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid and all these substances enhance beauty. This treatment gives a very good anti-ageing effect on the skin of the customers and an essence known as escargot plays an important role in anti-ageing. It also heals the skin after sunburn and provided adequate moisture to it.

Snail slime helps in the restoration of skin cells of the face and heals damaged skin. In 400 BC, snails were being used for various medicinal purposes and one of the most famous was of Hippocrates who squeezed out the mollusks and after mixing it with sour milk used it for the treatment of inflammation of the skin. But again snail made a retaliation in cosmetic and beauty industry as snail therapy. There are lots of products that contain snail mucus. In Japan and South Korea, various snail creams, skin serums and facial masks that contain snail mucus are available. In the past two years, this therapy has gained popularity.

In Tokyo, there is one particular spa in Ebisu and they have kept five resident snails that are used for novel therapy. These snails are kept in a transparent container and they are fed with organic foods so that they remain healthy and safe for the use on the skin of customers.

These resident snails are the main highlight for the treatment of the face and the spa gave it a name of “Celebrity Escargot Course”. The cost of this treatment is around $ 250 and 24,150 yen.

This treatment begins with washing the customer’s face properly and then softly placing the snails on the forehead and cheeks. After this, the snails are allowed to move on the whole face. The feedback of customers on this is that the snails give a heavy, cool and a ticklish feeling on the skin. The customers using this therapy need not to be scared of when the snails reaches near mouth as it is an attentive assistant and shove the snail away from what can happen. It is advised to keep the eyes closed while going through this therapy. This is because some people get scared when they see snails crawling on their face. After this treatment, the customer gives a feeling of healthy and youthful skin and the face starts feeling cool and plumpy.Altthough this treatment comes as a surprise for many but it actually works and it is nice to feel the softness of the skin after going through the snail therapy.