Adopting a child is one of the good ideas for couples and individuals who are fond of kids and wish to do something for those children who have lost their parents due to any reason. By adopting a child, you will make deprived children happy as he/she will get all the best living facilities and above all the parents to whom the child can call as mother and father.

Step parenting is one of the most common forms of adoption in the United States as in adoption stepparent takes all types of responsibility like legal and financial of the children. The increase in the number of second marriages, the adoption rate of a stepchild is on the rise. The process of adoption is simple but you need to clear all the formalities before adopting a child.

Adoption can be done through an orphanage or by adopting the child from the stepmother or stepfather.Before initiating the procedure of adoption, you need to discuss the adoption with your spouse, stepchild or the biological parent. Next,you can file for adoption after getting a verbal agreement from the parent and the children. You must keep it in your mind that any children hold a stronger bond with the biological parent. Be clear on the pros and cons of adoption and the responsibilities that you have to carry after completion of all the formalities.

All the legal procedures for adoption are governed by the State laws and the laws of every state differs slightly. So it is better to research on the stepchild adoption laws of the particular state in which you are looking for adoption. Check out a step by step guide here:

Step #1 Research your State’s Laws:

Discuss the case of adoption with the adoption lawyer in your state. This is because the lawyer will clarify all your doubts on adoption and you can pass though a clear and right type of adoption procedure.

Step #2 Consent from Biological Parents:

biological parentsAs the child and biological hold a special bond with each other. So it is better to take a written consent from the biological parents of the child. A written consent has to be obtained from your spouse as well as the biological parent. Check with the state’s laws to find out if the adoption can be done in case wherein non custodial parent hold some objections.

Step #3 Check out the Court that handles Adoptions:

cout handle adobtionCheck out which of the court in your area deals with handling of stepchild adoption. This is because of the reason that in some states, the procedure is taken up by the juvenile court and in some they are resolved by family or surrogate court. Also check with the court whether they need a lawyer or you can yourself represent the case. Keep all the legal documents with you.

Step #4 Submission of Legal Forms:

After filling the required legal forms, you need to submit them to the court. You need to fill whether you want to change the name of the child after adoption or not. Some other related documents like marriage license, birth certificate of the children, consent of the biological parents and your spouse.

Step #5 Process of hearing:

After submitting all the legal forms, you will get a date by the court for hearing, which you get through a mail or by the lawyer. You need to attend this hearing to answer the questions of the magistrate and then after getting satisfactory answers, the magistrate will give you a date for the child adoption.

Step #6 Final Adoption:

final adobtionAt the time of final adoption, you will get the  certificate of adoption and a second court hearing will take place to resolve any further problems. You should get a few extra copies of certificate of adoption so that you can use it in future whenever any need arises.

After getting the certificate of adoption, you need to apply for the new birth certificate of the child by giving the new details like the name of the child and parent’s name.

But, we cannot say that the process of adoption ends here as it actually starts when the new couple starts to develop bonding with the child and to become a happy family for the life ahead.