sexual disordersSexual disorder means when a couple’s experience difficulty during any stage of the sexual life ranging from physical pleasure, arousal,desire and orgasm. These sexual disorders lays a profound impact on an individual’s quality of sexual life. These disorders arise due to fatigue, alcohol, sickness etc..Some of the main types of sexual disorders are explained here:

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder:

Hypoactive Sexual Desire DisorderWhen a person lacks sexual fantasies or absence of desire of any type of sexual activity then such disorder is known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. This lack of desire sometimes creates a problem with the couple. In such a situation, the person does not take initiative for any intimate activity and respond slowly to the partner’s sexual approach. This type of disorder can be present in any person in adolescent stage and persists throughout the life but the chances of this disorder are more in old age.


DyspareuniaIn this sexual disorder, both the sexual partners suffer from pain while doing intercourse. The severity of pain is more in female than in men and this problem can be severe in some cases and in initial attempts of intercourse.

Sexual Aversion Disorder:

Sexual Aversion DisorderIn this type of disorder, a person to avoid any time of physical contact with a sexual partner. This strains the relationship of a couple. The person who averts from any type of touching and kissing suffers from anxiety, disgust and fear. When this anxiety increase then it may lead to panic attacks, nausea, and faintness.

Premature Ejaculation:

Premature EjaculationThis is also a male disorder in which a minimal sexual stimulation leads to ejaculation and orgasm in a male. But if at the same time, female orgasm takes place then it cannot be called as a disorder .This problem is common in young men who experience this in their first attempt to intercourse.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder:

Female Sexual Arousal DisorderIn this disorder, a female is unable to complete the sexual activity due to lack of vaginal lubrication. The interpersonal relationship of a couple is restrained due to this. This problem in not unusual in females. A lot of women experience problems of pain while intercourse and so they avoid sexual contact with their partner.

Male Erectile Disorder:

Male Erectile DisorderIn this disorder, a male is unable to complete the sexual activity due to lack of erection or inability to maintain erection. This problem can be recurrent .These erectile disorders built fear of failure in men which affects other work also and becomes a reason for stress. Most of the men suffer from this problem occasionally as it is also dependent on the type of partner and the quality of relationship between two.

Female Orgasmic Disorder:

male-impotence-drugWhen a female is unable to experience orgasm in the sexual activity or delay in orgasm then this problem is a type of sexual disorder. But we can call it as a disorder only when the sexual partner thinks that it is one of the reasons affecting sexual relationships.

Male Orgasmic Disorder:

Male Orgasmic DisorderThe Male orgasmic disorder occurs when a man experiences delay or absence of orgasm after doing sexual activity. This problem will also be considered as a disorder when it causes significant problems in an individual.