As per the latest findings and research it has been found out that Turmeric is as effective as 14 drugs. As per the scientists this scared plant is found out to be having about 600 therapeutic applications and potential preventive measures. Moreover it has been found out that Turmeric contains about 175 unique physiological effects that are quite beneficial.

Science confirms Turmeric as effective as 14 drugs

• If data is to be believed there are loads of new researches that are going on to find the positive effects of Turmeric and is being labeled as conventional drug.

• The study also proved that Turmeric has same effects as shown by the conventional drug for cholesterol called as Lipitor or Atrovasatin. This fact was proved in a study that was being done in 2008 and proved that when standard preparation of curcuminoids was produced with the help of Turmeric it showed results that were similar to Atrovasatin.

• There were some more studies that were conducted in 2008 and it was found that Turmeric is also beneficial when it comes to curing inflammation, stress in diabetics’ patients and many more diseases.

• A 1999 study also proved that Turmeric has the same element that is in primary polyphenol and can be helpful in management of chronic anterior uveitis which is an inflammatory eye disease.

• To calculate more benefits of this remarkable and healing spice a study was conducted in 2008 and the same year results were published in medical journal named Critical care Medicine and it said that curcumin found in Turmeric is as good as corticosteroid drug called as dexamethasone that acts as an alternate medicine therapy for the protection of lung transplantation that is generally associated with injury that happens due to down regulation of inflammatory genes.

There are lots more studies that have been conducted to check the effects of Turmeric on various diseases such as:

• Multi resistant cancers.

• Lung and liver related disorders.

With so many benefits and no side effects Turmeric has been considered as strong traditional medicine that has a unique ability to heal rarest of the rare cases.
People have been using this spice for ages in their kitchens and food and it also has been used as a medicine. Now we can consider Turmeric as a strong contender that can be quite beneficial in curing the cancer which is one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind. One can also take their daily dose of turmeric as there are no side effects and more over it is always good to have traditional practices than self-medication of allopathic medicines.