Megan SherowThree years ago, Megan Sherow, a 13 year girl was diagnosed brain cancer. She was in stage 3 of cancer. She was asked to go through radiation and chemotherapy and was told that if she does not go through those treatments she would die. She underwent many long sessions of radiation and chemotherapy still the doctors were not at all very optimistic about her recovery. She was told that she had to undergo brain surgery. For most of the people, allopathic treatment is considered as the only option and they do not believe in holistic alternatives. Holistic treatments aim at treating a person by focusing at the root cause of the problem and self healing of the body.

1The most important point of the holistic approach or Oriental medicine is that body can get healed when it is in balanced state thus focus is given on food therapy, energy healing and other alternative treatment approach. Megan underwent two brain surgeries but no lessening of cancer symptoms were seen so she decided that she would follow alternative treatment methods. She decided to follow the diet of raw food which she discovered and found helpful for a healthy lifestyle. She started taking raw fruits,

vegetables, nuts, seeds, grain, sprouted legumes, and different types of seaweeds.

4She stopped taking pills, chemotherapy was topped and decided not to go for any more brain surgery. After one and half years, improvements in her conditions were visible. She felt more energetic. Megan is now 17 years old and she is attending college and also participating in different types of activities like theater production, writing her debut novel, photography and other outdoor activities. She says she is thankful to her raw diet plan because it is because of this diet plan she could beat terminal brain cancer. This diet plan is highly nutritious having lots of hydrating and healing fruits and vegetables included in it.

The more and more people adopt this raw, plant-based diet plan, the healthier and radiant they would be. With such food items it is possible to have the natural healing and regeneration of our body and get rid of some deadly diseases.