pregancyPregnancy is a natural phenomenon to a married woman. To be a mother is a pious occasion in the married life of a woman. It is well said that a woman completes herself by becoming mother. The condition of an unfertilized woman can be gauged by the woes and sufferings suffered by her. In the society, she is not considered to be a fateful and august lady. On the contrary, a mother is well respected in the family in particular and society in general. That’s why, a married woman wants to be a mother in the early years of her married life. Here is a healthy discussion on symptoms of pregnancy and care to be taken during pregnancy:

Symptoms of Pregnancy:

1.Missed Period:
The first and foremost indication of conceiving is ceasing of period. A wise woman comes to know about the pregnancy immediate after the missing of period and other women know it after sometimes.
2.Physical changes:
On conceiving, some immediate changes take place on woman’s physique via development of breast and becoming veins more visible.
3.Nausea and Vomiting:
Nausea and Vomiting are other indications of pregnancy. Almost all the new conceived women have to face this problem.
It is also a major symptom of pregnancy. Having become pregnant, the prospective mothers feel themselves fatigued and tired.
Care to be taken during pregnancy:
Having known about the pregnancy, the couple must visit the health clinic and consult an expert doctor for testing the pregnancy and after confirmation of the same, they should follow the guideline chart given by the doctor. In fact, special attention should be given to the diet programmed of the woman. Following tips may help for a smooth and comfortable pregnancy period and the birth to the child:
1.Weight gain:
The woman should be in the knowhow of that now she is not eating for herself only, but for his coming child taking form in her womb.The weight should be gained as per recommended weight by the expert by taking healthy meal.
All recommended vitamins should also be given room in the daily diet.
Likewise, proteins rich food should be taken to ensure proper nurturing to the baby.
It is a very important ingredient of the food to be served to a pregnant woman. Its source is green vegetables, gur, guava, apple and other fruits.
Without calcium, the diet of a pregnant woman cannot be termed as a rich and balanced diet. Calcium can be located in milk, Orange, Lemon and other fruits and vegetables.
Besides above diet plan, some exercises prescribed by the physical trainer for pregnant women can be undertaken. It is to be ensured that 300 additional calories per day are being taken by the woman as compared to her prenatal calories. More to say, she must keep herself active by doing normal house chores and try to be happy, calm and balanced by reading good spiritual books and listening sweet music preferably prayers to Almighty.