I really relish healthy food and I am in love with my Pregnancy Elimination Diet – because it lets me feel like my whole being is literally buzzing with good health. And I stick to this diet even if it means not eating a lot of things that I really like, (for example, chocolate, marmite on toast and a good latte!).

Another thing I hate to miss is working out, and I really feel depressed when I can’t get to the gym or do my usual workouts in a week. However, I know that working out in the gym is a bit too hard on many women – especially when you’re pregnant.


When we’re pregnant it obviously makes us feel that we don’t need to be too keen on our exercise and gym sessions. We are more prone to following the old fashioned notion that pregnancy is a time where you can afford to eat more indulgently. And while pregnant if you miss a workout, you can always make the excuse that you were just too tired that day.

Yes, if you miss workout for a day or two it’ll probably not make a huge difference, nor will one day of eating junk food. But, have you ever thought of reversing your decision of going to the coffee shop for a latte and a cake? And have you really felt the need to put a leash on your pregnancy weight gain, and get your pregnant body in shape?


I felt this kind of an urge when I read an article by Mike Kramer of Babyfit, and it changed my perceptions. For the little thing growing inside I have stopped slogging myself at work. I take care of my body to make myself strong enough and healthy enough to cope with the demands of carrying a baby.

My yet to be born baby wants that I remain happy all the time, so that I can later on teach him all about happiness and balance in his life. And most importantly my baby wants that his Mummy should maintain a robust health throughout the pregnancy, because my bad health will get transferred onto my baby.

So, my advice to all going to be moms is to give a serious thought to your pregnancy health goal and why you want to pursue it.