peak fitness

When it comes to individual levels of peak fitness lots of variations can be observed in one person compared to the other. But, the basic components that help individuals reach their peak fitness are the same. In order to achieve peak fitness, regardless of whether he or she is an athlete or someone who wants to be fit, one needs to focus on three key elements. Those three components are: strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility training.

No matter what your goals are these three elements are basic to your regular training schedule. These are a must-add in your daily training sessions.

Strength training

Remember, in order to bolster strength you don’t need to bulk up. A successful strength training program will consist of exercises that are targeted at making your body stronger, in specific areas utilized by your sport or activity. For example, if you are a swimmer you are required to bolster the strength of your arms and pecks, so that you’re able to pull yourself through the water more efficiently. Or if you’re a jogger and has been experiencing ankle pain, your strength training routine should be concentrated on slowly boosting the strength in your ankles. Make your strength training work with your main activity, not against it.

Cardiovascular Exercise

In order to reach peak fitness for cardiovascular exercise focus on quality rather than quantity. If you’re not persistently integrating some harder work into your cardiovascular exercise routines, your level of fitness will plateau. While doing a thirty minute cardiovascular work out, after a ten minute easy warm up do two minutes at an 80-90% effort. Then decelerate for a minute to let your heart rate to settle down. Repeat for ten minutes, and then end up with a ten minute cool down.

Flexibility Training

In order to boost fitness you are required to add flexibility training to your fitness routine. A high level of flexibility lessen the chances of performance related injury. Plus a flexible body can easily adapt to and recover from hard exercise. Do stretching for minimum ten minutes after each of your strength training or cardiovascular exercise sessions. It’ll also boost your body’s ability to perform more efficiently.