It is the problem where a person gets disturbed by the inflammation of the nerves in the body. It can disturb the one nerve or cluster of nerves as well. Mainly, there are two kinds of neuritis like optic neuritis and peripheral neuritis. Although the previous causes of an inflammation of the optic nerve, the later related to the damage that happened to a nerve inside the peripheral nervous system. In some cases, different cluster of nerves, in several area of the body, puff up and results in polyneuritis. The main reasons of causing neuritis are unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet, chronic acidosis, metabolic disturbances, malnutrition, overwork, diabetes mellitus and present of harmful toxins in the body and so on. The main signs of neuritis are anesthesia, paresthesia, color blindness, numbness or failure of sensation, hard to walk in the dark and so on. In this article will prescribe you some beneficial and advantageous home remedies to deal with the neuritis, given below

You can prepare the soya bean milk as it is very advantageous to deal with the neuritis. You can also add honey in it. Have this milk at every night before sleeping. This is one of the most beneficial home remedy to get rid of neuritis.

You can also immerse the soya bean for about 12 hours after that peel them and prepare a paste of it by grinding them. Boil this paste in water and then take this water after straining when bearable. This is very good preparation to deal with the neuritis.

It is very essential people who are suffering from neuritis are recommend to raise the consumption of vitamin D.

You can have the fresh orange flowers with honey. You can also boil the flowers of orange in water and have it. This is also very advantageous to get rid of neuritis.

Blend the carrot juice and spinach juice and have it on regularly basis. This is one of the simplest ways to treat neuritis.