child custody

Passing through the phase of divorce is more difficult than the issue of a failing marriage. The more anxiety comes over the welfare of the child and the stress levels go up to the sky. Although, you cannot do in this situation but it is better to get yourself acquainted with several child custody issues so that parents can plan for the consequences in advance. Every state has different laws of custody and it will be granted by the family court.
Child custody means the decision by the court on the custody of a child. This decision is taken by a court keeping in view the reports of an independent evaluation of the psychological status and financial situation of the parent who has to take over the custody. Generally, there are two types of custody-joint custody wherein both the parents have the legal and physical custody of the child and sole custody wherein one parent takes hold of everything.

child custodyWhen the judge takes a decision on the child custody then the financial stability, living standard, other siblings and the type of relationship a child have with either parent are considered. Some of the issues related to child custody are discussed here:
The decision of the court is generally taken from a parent with whom the child is living currently as leaving a house in which the child is residing affects the current state of mind of the child a lot. After separation, either one of the parent moves to a new house or both of them do so. But it is better for the court to give the decision of the custody to the child when one parent goes out after divorce as it may be difficult for both the parents to move into an altogether new house.

child custodyAnother issue is that the court will look for the stability level of both the parents. Some of the things that will be considered in this are routine habits of parents, the duration for which they are living together, duration of their jobs to ensure that children will not have to face sudden exorbitant changes. The court also considers in allotting the child custody that in case of siblings, no separation is made among them. But an exception case can be taken if the differences are seen among the siblings also. In some situations, the court is not able to take a fair decision so they appoint a person to review the relationship of the parents and the child at the place where they live. Then after obtaining the inputs, the court takes the decision about the child’s custody.

child custodyAll these issues play a significant role as it is on this decision that the future of the child depends. The decision must be in favor of the child’s security and interest. So all the process of legal administration should ensure that the child who is facing the pressure of the separation of his/her parents passes through a smooth transition. It is one of the important issues that are present in the society and the child’s future is dependent on this decision, so deal with it very carefully.