parenting formsA child’s responsiveness and unresponsiveness both are measured by the amount of attention parents give to the needs, wants and emotions of any child. A keen interest in the child’s need from parent will make the child as responsive while when parents are  ignorant towards their kids need  then it makes them unresponsive.

The demanding parents put high expectations on their children and force them to achieve then according to the set rules and regulations. While non-demanding parents want their children to do whatever they want to do and they don’t care much about what their children are doing.

Parenting needs patient, understanding and the ability to like all things of the children. All parents need to learn different parenting styles and should know how they affect their child’s growth while raising them. Parenting is one of the most difficult and fulfilling tasks. So teach your child the life’s essential so that they will not feel pedantic.Some of the different styles of parenting are discussed here:
Authoritarian parenting

In this parenting style, parents try to take hold of their children as much as possible. They impose rigid rules and regulations on their ward to take them into account. Such parents hold a belief that children should not show any emotional signs like crying as this weakens them internally. So they warn their children not to cry. The children of such parenting styles struggle to reach up to the expectations of their children and end up with lack of affection in the parent to child relationship. They also face the problem of being independent and think on their own. Such children felt lonely and depressed sometimes which hinders the process of learning.

Permissive parents:

The parents with these types of parenting styles tend to give lots of freedom and love to their children. They hardly make any rules and regulations and do not impose anything on them. They accept the child’s objectionable behavior and tantrums also. The parents give a large number of choices to their children without getting the detail of whether they need it or are capable to handle the responsibility or not. As a result, in most of the cases, the children take wrong decisions and works at their own will.

Democratic parenting:

The democratic parenting style is one of the best styles as it is balanced and it encourages a child to think indepedently and take responsibility of all things that are related to them. They guide their children as what is good or bad but at the same time give full permission to make choices according to their likes and dislikes. Such parenting styles parents have clear and reasonable expectations from their children; they always observe whether their children are on the right track or not without being presumptuous. By doing so, they make their children aware of what is right or wrong and teaches them to learn the lessons from their mistakes.

Dismissive or neglectful parenting:

neglectfulThe parents who hold dismissive or neglectful parenting styles are making a big mistake as this is one of the harmful ways of parenting. Such parents hold no interest in parenting their kids and they do not interfere with any activities of their children. They are not concerned about whether their children are getting the basic necessities of life or not. The children of such parents become pugnacious and show signs of psychological distress.
Although these are four main parenting styles but it is not necessary that every parent will fall in a single category or more as all these are generalized characteristics of distinguished parenting styles. This is just to realize the parents the effect by using any one style of parenting towards their kid.The parents should understand that their children imitate the characteristics of their parents so become a good example for them.