malnutritionMalnutrition is a serious disease that is caused due to deficiency of essential nutrients in the body. It is affecting the population globally  but is more common in third world nations and developing countries. But many of us are not aware of the fact that it is affecting the developed countries also. Some people take it as is caused due to lack of food only but the reality is that it is due to lack of nutrition also. This can be explained as most of the youngsters from affluent families are also a victim of this problem as they prefer to eat junk foods rather than the healthy meals. This junk food is loaded with calories and adds only fat and carbohydrate to our body. While our body needs all other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calcium, proteins proportionately.

Some of the common causes of malnutrition are given here:


povertyOne of the common cause of malnutrition is poverty .In under developed economies, some people find it difficult to afford basic food but they are living as they eat whatever they get. This is one of the most unfortunate and hopeless personal calamity. Some people due to poverty falls asleep without eating anything at night with less hope to get something in the morning. Thus, poverty induced malnutrition is due to lack of nutrition only.

Eating habits:

Eating habitsAll types of dieting styles like under-eating, over-eating and eating wrong foods regularly lead to malnutrition. This type of malnutrition is common among affluent people and developed countries. Lack or absence of breastfeeding in infants leads to malnutrition in them. Excessive intake of a particular type of food gives a single source of nutrition and thus it leads to malnutrition.


LifestyleA sedentary lifestyle that leads to loss of appetite in some cases becomes the reason for malnutrition. With the advancement in technology, people and kids are more interested to stay at home and watch television and play indoor games. This induces the habit of eating junk food and  improper diet plans which gives way to diseases like anemia, kwashiorkor, marasmus, goiter, Hyponatremia, Hypokalemia and Vitamin Deficiency.

Agricultural farming techniques:

Agricultural farming techniquesThe agricultural farming techniques are becoming obsolete, which is affecting the agricultural production. The shortage of some of the essential food items is leading to malnutrition among middle level and lower level people who are not able to buy some food items at an increased price as the food product which is short will be available at an increased price. So the provision should be made to impart latest farming skills to farmers.

Environmental changes and natural calamities:

Environmental changes and natural calamitiesThe different types of environmental changes and natural calamities like excessive rain, excessive heat, cyclones, earthquake etc. are destroying and damaging crops and leading to shortage of agricultural production. The human beings have no control on any natural calamities


Along with the causes of malnutrition, one should understand that this problem exists in different forms. So to avoid disproportionate nutrition gaps like protein malnutrition, vitamin A, B, C, E, calcium malnutrition can take place. So malnutrition is not only about eating adequate but it is equally important to eat different food items proportionately with an active lifestyle.