shutterstockAbdominal cramping is a painful state which is caused due to the muscle contractions around the abdomen. The pain due to stomach cramps can be mild or severe . Although, most of the time this pain is caused by minor illnesses, severe cramping may be a sign of a very serious condition. When stomach cramps are mild to moderate than it is as a result of any digestive problems or menstruation.But when severe pain occurs then its is due  to more serious ailments like cancer, inflammation of an organ, pregnancy related disorders.Check out these main causes of stomach cramps here:

Digestive problems:

digestive problemsOne of the most common causes of stomach cramps is digestive problems. Most of the cases of abdominal cramping are due to problems like diarrhea, food poisoning, constipation, intolerance of lactose and the presence of excessive acidity. Irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, diverticular disease, hernia are other serious diseases that lead to stomach cramps. Pancreas inflammation, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis also lead to uncomfortable situations and aggravate cramps.

Women related  Disorders:

Stomach cramps in women are due to any conditions related to the ovaries and uterus. A menstrual cramp is one of the common causes for cramping in women. Some other diseases that give the same sensation are endometriosis in which the uterus cells grow in some other areas of the body like uterine fibroids which are very tiny tumors in the uterus walls. Ovarian cysts when over grow to also become one of the reasons behind the pain.

Referred Pain:

Stomach cramps that arise due to problems in other organs those are near to the abdominal cavity leads to pain which is known as referred pain. The main reasons behind this type of pain can be stones in kidney , gallbladder and urinary tract infections. Referred pain also occurs due to painful conditions of chest like heart disease or pneumonia.

Serious but rare causes:

Liver cancer, stomach cancer and cancer in any of the reproductive organs when reaches to advanced stages may lead to stomach cramps. Another lesser known cause is somatization disorder which is an emotional situation, more common in children, that leads to stomach cramps and throat infections. When any organ ruptures and it leads to severe pain in the stomach then it indicates a medical emergency. This problem is more common in people with an appendix,but chances are present with other organs also.

Best way to treat stomach cramps:

Now to treat all types of stomach cramps one has to address the intrinsic causes. It is safe to treat all mild to moderate symptoms of stomach cramps with over the counter medicines but these medicines are not safe for people with certain disorders like liver disease or ulcers. Antacids are very helpful for people who are having cramps due to indigestion or gas. Heating pads and hot water bottles are effective in menstrual cramps.Anti-spasdomic medicine is recommended for people who are suffering from cramps due to any non-curable disease like irritable bowel syndrome. Medical advice should be sought in other extreme cases of stomach cramps.