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Now a day’s childhood obesity is one of the serious medical state which is affecting many children as well as adolescents. This problem occurs when a child increases the normal body weight and height. This increased body weight leads to several types of problems when they grow like hypertension, increase in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It also leads to lack of morale and depression among children.The entire family is responsible for an increase in body weight of children. So it is best to inculcate good and healthy eating habits and exercise in your life. It will help to secure your own future only. The prevention of obesity is possible only when one is aware of the causes of obesity. These causes are discussed here in detail:

Eating Habits

Eating HabitsAlthough everybody is aware of the ill effects of fast food. But still a lot of people ponders upon eating junk food. So this has to be changed first. Try to eat healthy and balanced diet like fresh fruits, veggies in place of pizzas and burgers. Avoid excessive snacking as it also increases weight. The intake of high calorie drinks and foods together with cold drinks leads to increase in glucose levels of the body which ultimately leads to the accumulation of fats in the body.The importance of health eating habits in your children must be enforced to control childhood obesity.

Environment and Lifestyle

Environment and LifestyleThe lifestyle of children is totally dependent and influenced by television. They are more interested in indoor games like video games and surfing the net. This again leads to lack of physical exercise as they hardly play outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, football etc..The increased television viewing and the advertisement that are telecasted on it affects the eating habits and they become more interested to eat unhealthy fast foods and snacks which lead to further rise in body weight. The need of physical exercise increases when a child takes fatty foods but they do opposite of it. They live a sedentary lifestyle and become obese.A change in the lifestyle will keep a check on weight.

Genetic disorders

Genetic disordersSome children in spite of following proper diet and exercise plans are obese. This can be a genetic problem as certain types of genetic disorders enhance the obesity in children. The risk of obesity increases in case one or both the parents are obese. So parents must keep a watch on their own eating habits as children’s eating habits are greatly influenced by the eating habits of their parents. So impart the significance of proper diet and exercise to your children with adequate supervision of both the parents.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalanceIn rare cases,childhood obesity occurs due to any type of hormonal imbalance in the body.When the thyroid hormone becomes excessive then the body weight increases, although the child is following a healthy diet and exercise plan.In such cases,hormonal medications are the only way to control the hormonal imbalance and prevent obesity.

Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is a one of the serious concerns as it makes a child susceptible to different types of health issues. The morale and self-esteem of an obese child are greatly affected. So pay attention to your child’s weight on time to avoid getting him/her obese. Avoid all sorts of fast foods and carbonated beverages. Make a plan to play outdoor games and do cycling, swimming, yoga and rope skipping to prevent childhood obesity.