life core fitness

Anyone looking to get in shape can try bicycling – an effective exercise for this purpose. As it puts stress and demand on every single muscle it can help tone every part of your body, easily and quickly. These upright exercise bikes, especially the branded ones made by LifeCore Fitness are perfect for in-home fitness.

Nowadays there are a host of options you can try from an upright bike to recumbent bikes that have a more relaxed, gentle seating position. You can choose recumbent bikes if you want to burn lots of calories, however, they put minimal stress on the joints, so your chances of getting injured are remote.

Originally recumbent bikes were made to help in physical therapy; patients who could not stabilize themselves on the seat of a regular bike or who found it painful lifting a leg and climbing up onto upright bikes made use of these bikes to work muscles. However, with the passage of time the technology evolved and as a result the market for recumbent exercise bikes for the purpose of weight loss and fitness at home – boomed.

Picking a nice recumbent bike is not a difficult proposition today, because every single manufacturer is making them. If you are looking for club quality performance and comfort then my suggestion is to check recumbent bikes made by LifeCore fitness. Besides, all features found on a typical low to mid range recumbent bike are in them. Moreover, you can get them at an affordable price, so they’ll not burn a hole in your pocket.

Let me give you an overview of these bikes to enlighten you about the product. The seat-size of the bike is pretty decent and it allows the legs to stretch out in front for a safe ride. The bike features a big console and both the seat and console can be adjusted to fit users of varying heights. The design also features a heavy 20 pound flywheel that helps impart stability to the overall bike, thus makes the ride super smooth.

This bike is appropriate for users who have difficulty stepping over the middle bar on regular bikes. As for frame it’s a step-through design – you merely have to step into the middle and sit down. There is no bar to lift over.

This one bike is great for people who are looking to lose weight or get in shape, plus a user will get to enjoy the wide range of workouts that are possible with it.