A man who calls himself —- ‘lazy and depressed’, from Richmond, Virginia, is documenting his attempt to shed weight with yoga. Richard Widmark Jr, who at his heaviest tipped the scales at 669lbs, has been attending private yoga classes three times a week since two months, and says already the changes have been ‘pretty amazing’.


Richard, 38, posted a picture of himself in the ‘moon pose’ on his Facebook page, The Raw Xperience, which he acknowledged was ‘very hard’ to execute. Nonetheless, after 7,000 shares and 43,000 positive comments, Mr Widmark Jr says the response to the image has encouraged him ‘to continue this journey’.


My yoga teacher took this of me today,’ he wrote in the post.’When I look at this my first reaction is of disgust. ‘I didn’t see what my teacher saw. [She said]: “Look at your top arm and leg. The openness at your chest and hips is beautiful!! How straight your are able to get, and how you are supporting yourself and balancing on one arm and leg.” ‘I have been hating myself for years — & it won’t go away over night; but I thank my supportive friends who are helping me through my journey. Yoga is for EVERY BODY,’ he explained.


Mr Richard Widmark Jr, has as well taken up juicing, and eats cooked vegan foods on cheat days. I’m seeking a sustainable way to eat,’ he said, adding his goal once he loses more weight would be to teach yoga. Mr Widmark Jr feels yoga is tough for people who’re very overweight, because of its ‘beautiful body’ stigma and its ‘seemingly next to impossible poses’. ‘I’d like to see this change,’ he said. He admitted that some of the poses are impossible to execute, because of his weight. ‘Sure some poses I can’t physically do because of my weight, or fat getting in the way, but one day I will,’ he added.