Kidney stones problem is very painful and can be caused men and women as well. Kidney stones are of different sizes which are mostly present in kidney. People of middle-age are mainly affected by this stone problem. These are of calcium, phosphate, oxalate and other harmful toxins that are present in the body particularly that present urine. These stones keep growing if these stones are removed on time and also disturb the bladder and results infection, tenderness and serious pain. Once it disturbs the bladder, patient may find trouble in passing stool and also inflammation while passing of urine. There are no as such reasons of causing kidney stones in the body. It is mainly caused due to the less consumption of water and unhealthy food habit. Patients suffering from kidney stones will show the signs like frequent vomiting, nausea, excess sweating, lack of sleep and problem in doing various exercises. In this article will explain you some effective home remedies to deal with the kidney stones given below

The most essential remedy to deal with the kidney stones is to consume fruitful and nutritious diet such as figs, watermelon and apple are very advantageous to avoid the kidney stones. You can have 3-4 apples in a day likewise you can have the extract watermelon juice is very good for kidney patients. Take these fruits on regular basis for about 1-2 months; this would help you to treat kidney stones.

Pomegranate fruit is also very advantageous for kidney patients. You can have in any form like juice or you can prepare a paste of seeds. For this you need to grind the seeds and cook it by adding horse gram and water. Take it three times in a day. This is one of the most beneficial preparations to treat kidney stones.

Go for healthy diet and include green leafy vegetables to improve your overall health like radish and lady fingers are very advantageous in curing kidney stones have extract juice of radish three times in a day. You can also prepare concoction take some lady fingers and cut them and soak it them in a bowl full of water for one night and consume this water for three times in a day. This would help you to treat kidney stones.