Kegel ExerciseA Kegel is the term which is used for naming a pelvic floor exercise. It was named after Dr. Kegel developed this exercise. Kegel exercises are used for the strengthening of the muscles which offers the best support for the urethra, bladder, rectum and uterus. Usually after 40’s, the pelvic muscles become weak and leads to the problem of leaking urine. But when Kegel exercise is done in a correct manner regularly then it increases the resistance power and stronger pelvic muscles leads to no or lee loss of urine.

Kegel for Women

Method of doing Kegel exercises

Method of doing Kegel exercisesAround one-third of women squeezes the wrong pelvic muscle. So it is advised that initially, this exercise should be done with the help of a doctor or nurse who can guide you the best way to do this exercise. If while doing this exercise and inserting your finger inside your vagina and squeezing around it, you feel a pressure alongside your finger, and then it indicates that you are touching the right muscle. While doing so, keep the rest of the body and the muscles of the vagina relaxed. Breathe slowly and take some deep breaths. This exercise should be done with both knees together (either lying or sitting position)

Frequency of this exercise and results

This exercise should be done five minutes twice in a day .The muscles should be squeezed and relaxed for four seconds each. When your body adapts doing this exercise comfortably then it can be increased to eight seconds. After getting results to some extent, you can reduce the repetitions and can do it thrice in a week.

Helpful techniques

This exercise can be done in a fun way while listening to music or reading a book. Always use a calendar and tick mark every time you do this exercise so that you can keep a track of your exercise schedule. A regular practice of this exercise will give you the best results.
Kegels for Men

Initially, men need to do this exercise in a sitting position. When these muscles strengthened up, then you can do this exercise in a standing position also.

Method of doing Kegel exercise for men

Kegels for MenSqueeze/tighten and draw in and up around your back passage and bladder outlet. Lift up inside and hold on to this contraction strongly till the time you can do so. Generally a person can do this for 2-10 seconds. Do deep breathing and release and relax your breaths while doing this exercise. Give a rest of 10-20 seconds meanwhile ad does the same squeezing again. Try to hold it for a long duration as you can and try to do it for a count of 12.
Do 5-10 short and fast strong contractions. Some of the don’t are:

  • Avoid holding your breath
  • Avoid pushing down while squeezing and lifting.
  • Avoid pulling your stomach tightly.
  • Avoid tightening your buttocks and thighs.Try doing contractions in a well-designed manner as those are more beneficial .Tighten the muscles always before coughing, sneezing, lifting, bending and getting out of a chair.

Frequency of this exercise and results

One can improve this exercise by increasing the duration and number of holds to do it before experimenting any type of fatigue on muscles. A total of 12 strong holds are very beneficial to try and increase the number of fast and short contractions and do it to your maximum number of quality contractions.

The pelvic floor muscle strength can be increased during a period of three to six months with regular use of Kegel exercises. For best results, you can take help from a physiotherapist who will give a specific training program designed for you. These exercises are very much beneficial for people on bladder training.

Helpful techniques

The body weight must be appropriate as per your age and height. Take medical guidance when any type of chronic cough. Try to develop good bowel habits.