Cancer Threatened To Take His Love, However, He Would Not Allow It To Take Their Dream Of Uniting In Marriage

The marriage date of the girl named Brooke was set for the following summer. She and her brother began planning a fairy-tale. But, on December 3 a routine exam revealed the little princess had a breast cancer which was in advanced stage.


Princess Bride

Brooke was youngest in the family, spoiled by her father and four older brothers. She was intelligent and loving. She never put herself first; she lived to make others happy

Brooke met Dan in her junior year of college. After graduating Dan took a position two states away with an esteemed accounting firm. The temporary separation made the couple love each other even more.

Brooke applied for several jobs near Dan’s home, and was finally offered one. Now they were not only close in heart, but also close in proximity!

Two years later they set a date of their marriage in the coming summer. Their fairy-tale world came crashing down on December 2, when a yearly exam revealed the horrifying news: Brooke had breast cancer and it was already quite advanced.
The doctors gave her just 20% chance of survival. She lost all her hair, and dropped so much weight she couldn’t even sit without help. Yet Dan was there to love and support her.

One day, Dan announced he wished to marry Brooke before she passed away. He had loved her so long and only wanted one thing in his life: Brooke as his wife. Brooke was reluctant at first, but consented when Dan explained she was the most important thing in his life.

Dan brought a simple but beautiful white gown, delicate lace scarf and sheer veil to her hospital room. The fragile bride was dressed by the nurses. Scarf was used to cover her smooth head and the veil was draped lightly over it. The two exchanged vows and a touching, sweet wedding kiss.

Brooke spent sixteen days as the wife of the man she adored and loved. After she passed away her father found a letter tucked into her hospital nightstand.

In it, Brooke wrote that she had only ever wanted to love, be loved and to matter to others. She expressed her gratitude for wonderful brothers and loving parents. The day Dan married her, she said, all her dreams came true. She had truly lived her life’s dream.