indigestionIndigestion is also called as dyspepsia, it is the condition where an individual get disturbed by stomach pain or inflammation.  It mainly disturbed when the digestive juices are not able to emit properly then it results uneasiness. Eating a various types of foods is one of the chief reasons of causing indigestion there are other various reason of affecting indigestion such as lack of exercise, overeating, eating food without chewing, improperly cooked food and food allergies as well like onions, seafood, beans and so on. Indigestion caused pain in abdomen, bloating, nausea, Flatulence, acid regurgitation and heartburn. This digestive issue can occur both men and women but it mainly affect in females more. Indigestion problem is not very severe issues and can be treating easily with simple home remedies. In this article will suggest you some simples and effective home preparations to treat indigestion, given below

The simplest and easiest way to treat indigestion is to consume half of pineapple juice after having food. This would help you to avoid the indigestion and also reduce the pain as well.

You can also have lukewarm water by adding lemon juice, honey and ginger juice and mix it. This will help you in treating indigestion. You can also take lukewarm water by mixing lemon juice before having food, it is one of the most effective remedy to treat any kind of indigestion.

Take some ice cubes and apply on the belly this would also help you in reducing the stomach inflammation after the meals.

Add baking soda in water and have it. This is also one of the simplest ways to get rid of indigestion. You can also consume water by adding few drops of mint essence after every 3 hours. This is also very good homemade preparations to deal with the indigestion. Prepare a blend of mint juice, honey and lemon juice and have it. This is also very beneficial in treating indigestion.

You can also have cider vinegar in water before your food. This helps you in avoiding indigestion.

Prepare blend of soya oil and garlic oil and apply on the belly and give massage. This helps you to give relief from pain and inflammation of the stomach.