Clear Liquid DietThe importance of nutrition and the right type of diet is highlighted in today’s world. Several types of dietary recommendations exist these days and it helps to maintain the right type of health and help in recovery from certain type of diseases and ailments.

Clear liquid diet and Full liquid diet

Those who are recommended for a liquid diet are allowed to take foods only in liquid form. These diets are of two types-clear liquid diet and full liquid diet.
Clear liquid diet includes water, broth and plain gelatin that can be digested easily and no remnant remains in the intestine. A clear liquid diet is recommended when a person undergoes any type of surgical procedure or have any digestion problems. But as a clear liquid diet doesn’t provide with sufficient calories and nutrients to the body, so it should not be taken for a longer period of time.

A full liquid diet is one that may be transparent or opaque but it has a smooth consistency in it. This type of diet is recommended for people who generally have chewing problems and wants to restore the ability of the digestive system.

Benefits of a Liquid Diet:

liquidThe main benefit of liquid diet can be acquired when the digestive system has to be restored. This is because of the fact that liquids are easier to digest and the nutrients present in liquid diet are absorbed by the body quickly. In this way, it helps to give rest to the body and cleanse the digestive system as liquids percolate the toxins out from the body.

Examples of Liquid Foods:

JuiceThere are not many options when it comes to the liquid diet. But still you can take some semi-liquid food items and the intake of such foods will fall in the category of liquid diet. Some of the choices for liquid diet can be any type of fruit juice, fruit punch, fruit purees, lemonade, smoothened ice-cream, deserts made with gelatin, plain or flavored yogurt, soups, honey, smoothies, milk and milk shakes.

Limitations of Liquid Diet:

Although liquid diet helps to lose body weight but when a person starts taking solid food then the probability in weight gain is much higher. Also the body is deprived of the many essential nutrients and minerals which are acquired only through solid food. After taking liquid diet for a longer period leads to weakness in the body which gives a feeling of drowsiness. The metabolism, resistance power and immunity of the body are greatly affected. So in case you are advised to follow a liquid diet then to maintain the body’s equilibrium, one should take protein shakes and other vitamin supplements along with a liquid diet.

Luckily, there are different types of options in liquid diet these days and one can live a healthy life by having a mix of such diets. Soups are one of the nutritious liquid diet ideas and also any liquid diet that contains broth is beneficial like tomato soup, chicken, fish or turkey broth. But avoid high fat creamy soups as they lead to diarrhea and constipation. Add peanut butter, peaches, chunks of mango and strawberry to your smoothies.