The liver is like a maid of our body that helps to clean all the toxins present in the body and thus helps to keep all the internal systems running smoothly. Livers deal with all the toxic products that we take through modern diet, environmental pollutants and increased dependence on adulterated personal care products. So all this makes it imperative to clean the liver effectively and naturally. The liver works to clean the blood and helps to remove all the toxic substances from the body. But when the liver is overworked like in case of modern adults and you are under constant physical or mental stress then liver struggles to keep it up.
There are thousands of enzymes present in the body that are constructed in the liver. The right functioning of all other related body parts like heart, brain, gonads, joints and kidneys are all dependent on a good liver activity. If at any particular time, the liver gets impaired then impairment comes with all the functions of the body and as a result increased metabolic stress is laid on an individual.

Now comes the answer to an important question as “How to clean your liver”
Some people will go to market and will buy a liver detox supplement but why to go to a drug store when some of the easily available things in your kitchen will help you to clean your liver:

1. Warm Lemon Water

Warm Lemon WaterA lemon when squeezed into a glass of warm water and taken every morning will detox your liver. But remember you are not drinking lemonade, so it should be free from sugar, salt or anything else. Just drink purified water and a fresh lemon juice in it. This is an effective detox as the liver produces more enzymes in response to lime water than any other eatable.

2. Garlic

Garlic one of the main ingredient of garlic known as allicin contains sulfur compounds and it helps to activate the enzymes present in the liver. So use garlic in your cooking and slice a clove into your meals. The allicin and selenium, present in the garlic protects the liver from damage.

3. Avocados

AvocadosThe compounds present in the avocados protects the liver from damage
So add avocados to your daily diet. According to a study, in which 21 other fruits are compared with avocado then the avocados have come up with the most promising in the protection of liver from galactosamin which is a powerful toxin which damages the liver in the same way as human viral hepatitis does.

4. Cilantro

CilantroCilantro is a versatile herb that can be added in any type of meal like salads or smoothies. This herb prevents the heavy metals to enter into the body which further protects the liver.

5. Turmeric

TurmericTurmeric has very good anti-oxidation and antiseptic properties. These properties of turmeric protect the liver from outside damage and encourage the regeneration of liver cells. This herb also helps in the natural bile production and keeps the body free from toxins.
Liver is an important body organ and cleaning our liver is crucial, so incorporate in your life these easy and effective liver cleansing solutions.