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It is one of the emotional disorders which includes interruption in mind and it emotional functioning. It includes the gathering of negative energy around a person’s mind hence distresses the normal level of mental functioning. Mental balance of the person gets distressed and makes abnormal sympathetic situation which is not a common state of mind. Depression may happen because of mental or emotional stress due to consumption of medicines of emotional trauma.  Nervousness and unhealthy lifestyle may also cause depression. Here in this article we explain you more about depression, in the following lines.

Types Of Depression:

Types Of DepressionThere are three types of depression such as dysthymia, bipolar disorder and major depression. Dysthymia depression is not severe, it can happen at any time and also setback time and time again whereas bipolar disorder is the state which is also named as manic depressive illness, it not so common kind of depression. It can also cause sudden variation of moods. In major depression, it is a type that happens various times in life span. It can happen at any time and can disturb the normal lifestyle of a person.

Causes of Depression:

Causes of DepressionThe main reason of causing depression such as anxiety, environmental conditions, deficiency of mineral and vitamins, hereditary factor, disturbance in biochemistry of brain, hormonal changes, over exposure to emotional stress and work stress or overload of work and so on.

Symptoms of Depression:

Symptoms of DepressionThere are various signs of causing depression such as irritation, crying, becoming violent, tiredness, low sense of self, and feeling frustrated, lack of sleeping, itching, inferiority complex, fatigues, nausea, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, constipation, feeling restless, impotence or frigidity, low blood pressure and low body temperature and so on.

Home Remedy For Depression:

Home Remedy For DepressionApple is one of the simplest and easiest ways to deal with depression. Apple includes all vital nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B and phosphorous which are very beneficial for synthesis of glutamic acid, which manages the erosion of nerve cells. You can have apple with honey and milk. This is very effective way for refresh the nerve and nerve tonic with fresh energy and life as well.

Cashew nut is also very profitable way to cure depression and also nervous weakness, as it is highly rich source of vitamin B particularly thiamine and also very effective in increasing the appetite and nervous system as well. Cashew nut is also highly rich source of riboflavin which helps you to maintain your body cheerful, energetic and joyful.

You can also make use of cardamom to cure depression. Prepare a tea by adding powdered seeds and water, the pleasing fragrance helps you in treating the depression.

It is also important to consume a healthy or balanced diet, as even a single deficiency of any nutrient can cause depression. Nutritional therapy accumulates brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinehrine that affect your mood. Consume foods that are extreme rich source of vitamin B such as eggs, fish, green vegetables and wholegrain and many more.

Avoid diet that includes tea, alcohol, coffee, white flour products, food colourings, strong condiments, white rice, chemical additives, sugar, colas and chocolates.

Exercise is very important for curing depression. It not only keeps you healthy but also emotionally strong. Exercises are also help you in toning up your body and lessen the sense of helplessness.