Home Remedy for CoughCoughing is the body’s way to clear the mucus or harmful toxins from the throat and lungs. The lower respiratory and lungs opening become disinfected. It is one of the familiar sign when the airways become rigid. The cough is of two types such as productive cough which generates mucus from the lungs and another is non-productive cough, which is dry and does not generate any mucus from the lungs. It can happen to anyone and also at any age. This cough can be severe cough or continual cough; it mainly depends upon its duration. In medical terms coughing is a reflex reaction, takes place by the inspiration of sensory nerves in the inside layer of the respiratory passages- the tubes you utilize to breathe. In this article we will tell the main causes and signs of cough and also to deal with this problem through home remedies.

Causes of cough:

Causes of coughThe main reason of causing cough are smoking, inflammation of pharynx or larynx, asthma, exposure to dust, smoke, chemical fumes and pollen grains, weather changes, common cold, hay fever, bronchitis, lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, respiratory tract infection, respiratory syncytial virus and pleurisy and so on.

Symptoms of Cough:

Symptoms of CoughThere are various indications of this problem such as sudden weight loss, raised temperature, chest pain, whooping cough, worsening smoker’s cough, recurrent night-time cough, pain and swelling in the calf, lethargic feeling, shortness of breath, wheezing, pain in the throat, aching muscles and coughing up phlegm that is rusty yellow, brown or green in color, hoarse voice and many more.

Home Remedies For Cough:

Home Remedies For CoughExtract the lemon juice in salt and black pepper and suck it helps you lessen the concentration of cough. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to cure cough.

You can also have grapes on regular basis on some days. They help you to tone up your lungs and treats cough. It is one of the easiest ways to deal with cough. You can also have grape juice by adding honey in it, it is also very effective way to cure cough.

You can also chew holy basil leaves with black peppers, this helps you in curing respiratory system problem and cough also.

Take out the onion juice and add honey in it and have this blend 2-3 times in a day on regular basis. It is one of the easiest home remedies to cure cough.

Take some Sprague and add on water and boil it for some time. Leave it for cool down and then add salt and use it for gargling. This helps you in wash out the excess mucous and gives relief to your throat and cough as well.

You can also make use of turmeric root; it is very beneficial to deal with cough. You can roast the turmeric root and prepare a fine powder. Take this powder two times a day for some days. It is very good natural way to heal cough.

Prepare a blend of long pepper, dry ginger and black pepper in equal amount and have this blend 2-3 times a day with honey. It is very effective in treating cough.