Home Remedy For Common ColdCommon cold is mainly associated to a tenderness of the upper respiratory tract which mainly happened due to the viral allergy. It happens more often than any other allergy. It normally lasts for 5-10 days changing from person to person. This is one of the most familiar problems among children who experience eight times in one year from this cold. It mainly cause problem in the nose but sometimes in ears as well. In this article we will tell causes and also how to treat this common cold.

Causes of Common Cold:

Causes of Common ColdThe main reason of causing cold is contact to a virus. There are various viruses that are accountable for the reason of common cold such as rhinoviruses; this virus affects 30-35 percent of cold in young people. There are other various viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus and Para influenza and so on. Other causes of common cold are unhealthy food, lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, depression and excess consumption of red meat and many more.

Symptoms of Common Cold:

Symptoms of Common ColdThe main signs of causing common cold are loss of appetite, aches in the body, headache, hoarseness, coughing, chills, slight fever, earaches, sneezing, chest congestion, nasal congestion, runny nose and sore, scratchy, dry throat and so on.

Home Remedies For Common Cold:

Home Remedies For Common ColdGarlic is very useful to cure many health problems as it includes antiseptic properties. You can have garlic supplements or soups to deal with common cold. It is the best way to treat the virus infections. You can also add onion juice in garlic oil in water and have it for various times in a day.

Lime is also one of the best techniques to deal with common cold. You can add lime juice in lukewarm water and also add honey in it. It is the great way to treat common cold and also dry cough.

You can also utilize ginger to treat common cold. Cut the ginger in small pieces and add it the water and keep this water for boiling and after some time strain this water, add sugar in it and have it.

You can also make use of tulsi seeds and ginger in an equal amount and prepare a fine powder of it. Take this combination twice a day, morning and evening time. This is very good natural way to cure common colds.

Take a hot water bath as it helps you to give relieves from the nasal and chest congestion.

Prepare a fine paste of coriander seeds and add jaggery by adding water and then more water and boil it. Now inhale the vapors of this combination. Repeat this remedy 4-5 times in one day. This is one of the great ways to treat common cold.

Take some black pepper, sugar balls and water and boil it. Boil it until it lefts one-fourth. Now consume this water and wrap all your body for about 10 minutes. This is very good home remedy to cure common cold.