Home Remedy For Bone SpursBone spurs are also mentioned as osteophytes and they are bony protuberances that appear beside the body joints. A bone spur is a bony developed that is appeared on normal bone. Lots of people consider that bone spur is a prickly entity then they assume of the bone spur. But is uncomplicated terms, bone spur is just an additional bone and normally soft. Thus, it is prickly enough to affect deterioration. This problem also generate ache when it stroked on other bone area or just pressed physically. This problem can affect any part of the body but most common areas are feet, hips, knees, shoulders, hands and spine. Alternatively, bone spurs are appeared naturally on the back of the spine as you develop older and they are time and again believed as degeneration in the spinal bone. Persistently bone spurs can impose on the nerves that can affect lack of feeling of the organ that is provided by the meticulous nerve. In the following lines will tell you the main signs and causes of bone spurs and also home remedies to treat this problem.

Causes Of Bone Spurs:

Causes Of Bone SpursThe main reasons of causing of bone spurs such as overweight or obesity, normal as in aging process, altered calcification of the bone in the body and physiological change as in degeneration. Bone spurs can also happened due to the pressure on the bone like weight lifting, jogging, racing and dancing and so on.  It can also affect due to the excess convention of the joints of the body as in playing particular games such as athletes, shot puts and basketball.

Symptoms Of Bone Spurs:

Symptoms Of Bone SpursThe main signs of bone spurs are pain in shoulders, radiating pain in the shoulders including headaches, distress as standing or walking, lack of feeling or tingling sensation, progressive weakness, neck pain, progressive bowel and bladder dysfunction and so on.

Home Remedies For Bone Spurs:

Home Remedies For Bone SpursTake a cheese cloth and put it in warm linseed oil and now apply this cloth on the bone spurs and wrap it with plastic. Now keep a heating pad on this plastic bandage for about 2 hours. It is very beneficial home remedy to deal with bone spurs.

Make use of chamomile tea. Boil some water and add dried or fresh chamomile flowers in it and after some time strain this water and keep it for cool down. Now use this water for bathe the affected joints. This helps you in treating bone spurs and also reduces pain.

You can also apply the flaxseed hot pack to the bone spurs. Make use of thick cloth and keep it heated flaxseed in it. Now apply on the infected area and leave it for some time. This is also one of the very good home remedies to treat bone spurs.

You can also have curcumin 500 to 1000mg; it is the yellow pigment of turmeric foe 3-4 times in a day on a fasting stomach. This is also very effective way to reduce pain and treat bone spurs.

You can also have hot and cold water bath, alternatively to the bone spurs. It is good to cure this problem.