Home Remedy for BackacheBackache is also named as lumbago is termed as mild to serious ache or uneasiness in the area of the lower back. The ache can be severe or continual, id it has lasted more than three months. This problem mainly happens to young people whose job includes physical effort and also at retirement age. This health array is one of the most common problems of mankind. It can also be termed as be termed as degenerative disarray in which the inter vertebral disc and vertebral bone becomes kind and also loses shape. As the outcome the spine loses its suppleness causing sensitive ache in the back. Mostly females are more exposed to back pain at the time of pregnancy, as at the time of pregnancy there is stretching of the ligaments near the uterus and also force on the lower back.

Causes of Backache:

Causes of BackacheThere are various reasons of causing back pain such as strained ligaments. Slipped disc, excess lifting of heavy things, disc disorders, back muscle injury and back strain. Back pain can also be happened due to some chronic diseases also such as arthritis, peptic ulcers, bone cancer, dysmenorrhoea in women, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, abdominal disorders and meningitis and so on.

Symptoms of Backache:

Symptoms of BackacheThe main signs of back pain are reduced flexibility of spine, pain around hips and waist and also pain in the lower and middle portion of the back, mood swing, changes in bowel or bladder habits, persistent ache, cervical or lumber spondylosis and stiffness along the spine.

Home Remedies For Backache:

Home Remedies For BackacheThe most effective and beneficial for treating back pain is to make use of lemon. Extract the juice of the lemon and add some common salt and consume it two times in a day on daily basis. This helps you in curing back pain.

Raw potatoes are also one of the treatments for curing backache. You can apply the raw potato in the bandage form. This remedy has been found very beneficial in curing back pain.

Over weight also raise the stress on your soft tissues of back so it is very important to maintain your proper weight and body shape.

You can also have the warm water by adding honey and glucose in the morning. This remedy also aids backache.

Make use of vitamin C, as this is one of the proven remedy to deal with back pain. Vitamin C helps you in treating backache within two days. You can have citrus fruits, blueberries, strawberries and tomatoes.

Prepare a mixture of khas khas, coriander and wheat. Immerse some wheat in water for one night and next day add khas khas and coriander in it and also milk. Now put this mixture in a wok and boil it for some time. Now consume this concoction, this helps you in curing backache.

You can also have 2-3 cloves of garlic in a day or you can make use of garlic oil, it is also very valuable in healing back pain. To make the garlic oil you have to fry some of the cloves of garlic and add mustard oil and strain it. Give proper massage with this oil when it is cool down.