Home Remedy For AmnesiaAmnesia is a situation where an individual experience partial or complete memory loss. This problem can be impulsive as you can observe that in the case of temporary global amnesia.  There are various types of amnesia and all the indications differ from person to person and type to type as well. For example, in some cases an individual is not capable to visualize about their future. To make up the future, they have to depend upon the times past experiences on which basis the innovative outlooks are formulated. In this problem this ability goes off as the memory is distressed and an individual cannot memorize the past. Here in this article we will suggest you some effective and natural ways to deal with amnesia, but before that will explain you the causes and signs of this memory loss problem.

Causes of Amnesia:

Causes of AmnesiaThere are various causes of amnesia such as trauma, defence mechanisms, psychological factors, accidental damage to the brain, fall, prolonged utilize of certain medications, big blow on the head, depression, stress, hysteria and anxiety and so on.

Symptoms of Amnesia:

Symptoms of AmnesiaThere are some of the signs of amnesia such as inability to identify familiar places and faces, total memory loss, problems with short-term memory, partial, memory loss, impaired ability to learn new information, confusion recollections, neurological issues, impaired ability to remember past events and so on.

Home Remedies For Amnesia:

Home Remedies For AmnesiaThe most important way to deal with the amnesia is to consume food that is highly rich source of phosphorous such as nuts, cow milk, pulses, fruit juices, cereals and egg yolk and so on.

You can also eat an apple in a day with a glass of milk by adding honey; this is one of another diet for a person who is suffering from amnesia. This diet helps you in bring back the memory and also deal with mental irritability.

Fruits like figs, dates, oranges and grapes are very beneficial for amnesia patient as these fruits are highly source of phosphorous. These fruits are very effective in treating memory loss.

You can take five seeds of ground black pepper and combined with honey and give this mixture to the patient of amnesia two times a day on regular basis. This is also very good home remedy for amnesia patient.

You can also take cumin seeds combined with honey and have this two times in a day on regular basis. This is also one of the most profitable ways to deal with amnesia.

You can also make use of Rosemary, it is also one of the most effective and natural ways to treat amnesia. This herb also called as the herb of remembrance. You can have the rosemary tea, add rosemary in boiling water and leave it for 5 minutes and then add lemon juice in it and consume two times a day on regular basis. This is very beneficial in treating amnesia.

Holy basil leaves are also very beneficial for treating and amnesia and boost your memory. You can boil the some of the leaves in water and consume this water when it’s cool down. You can also have the holy basil leaves directly. This is also very good home remedy for amnesia.