Home Remedies For Body RashesBody rash or skin rash is one of the most universal terms that express a collection of unusual marks, an area of tenderness or changed texture or color of the skin. Body rashes might be connected with several other indications like inflammation, burning, itching, pain and tingling. This skin problem may or may not be communicable. There is some skin rashes that affect the entire body called as generalized, whereas others happen on discrete regions of the skin, which is called as localized. Body rashes need medications or can be self limiting. Here in this article we will explain you the causes and symptoms of body rashes and also how to treat through home remedies.

Causes of Body Rashes:

Causes of Body RashesThere are number of reasons of causing body rashes such as heat rash, anxiety, fungal infection, eczema, acne, dermatitis, food allergy, dry skin, pregnancy, lead poisoning, exposure to sun, autoimmune disorders, reaction to vaccination and reaction to perfumes, detergent and soaps. Body rashes can also be happened due to measles, allergy to dyes, rubber products, bacterial or viral infection and skin contact with an irritant.

Symptoms Of Body Rashes:

Symptoms Of Body RashesThe main signs of body rashes are blisters, pink-red rings on the skin, itchiness, fever, lesion, inflammation, little red bumps, stinging or burning sensation, dry, scaly patches, pus-filled sacs and bruise like spots and so on.

Home Remedies For Body Rashes:

Home Remedies For Body RashesThe easiest and simple way to heal body rashes is to apply olive oil, as this oil enters in the skin and heal skin rashes. You can also wash the infected area with the chamomile tea. It is believed to be the great healer for rashes.

You can also have foods that include vitamin C, as vitamin C includes antioxidant property that can help you to cure body rashes.

Mix some basil leaves in olive oil and also add pepper, salt and garlic cloves and apply this combination on the infected area. This is very good home remedy to deal with body rashes.

You can also use the baking soda on the rashes. Baking soda helps you to give you relief from the irritation and also treat rashes. The most effective and simplest way to cure body rashes is to apply aloe vera pulp or gel on the rashes.

You can also apply the almond oil on the body rashes. This is one of the best and effective remedy to cure body rashes.

Prepare a bandage from yellow dock root, chaparral and dandelion. This would help you in treating body rashes.

Soak a cloth in calcium water or comfrey tea and apply it on to the infected area. This is very good remedy to deal with body rashes.

Oatmeal bath is also considered to be the useful treatment for body rashes. Add uncooked oatmeal and soak it in the bathwater and submerge your body in this combination. This helps you to provide immediate relief from body rashes.

You can also apply vitamin E and cod liver oil in the gel form. These two oils have natural chemical that helps you in curing body rashes.